Protect thousands of peace | New Year’s Day ledu public security emergency rescue

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On The first day of The Chinese New Year on February 1, a woman jumped into the river in Ledu district. The woman was rescued after more than 20 minutes of rescue, despite the severe cold.February 1 (New Year’s day) evening at 21 o ‘clock, ledu District public Security Bureau 110 command center received the public alarm said: “in binhe north road into xi Park, a woman jumped into the Huangshui River ready to commit suicide, please emergency rescue.”After receiving the police, is the street patrol brigade and traffic police brigade police rushed to the scene to rescue.”Quick, get rescue equipment, I go into the water, you take over!”After saying this, Wang Changjun, a member of the special police brigade, jumped into the river. Because of the emergency, he ignored the rushing water and strode across the river.Fortunately, because of the timely alarm of the people, the police rescue quickly, the woman has not gone to the depths of the river was rescued by the police in time a drag, at this time the suicidal woman has been soaked in the cold river can not speak.Rescue police quickly joined forces to pull the shore, and rushed to the hospital for treatment.It is understood that the woman chose to jump into the river because of family matters.Police remind: contradictions and disputes in life are inevitable, but can not be emotional, lose reason, encounter problems and difficulties to deal with calmly, remember not to take the fatal road because of impulse.Cherish life and be kind to yourself.Life only once, please cherish life!Source | | village in public security bureau audit iron rich and strong coordinating editor | QiWen