Be careful with the cat!Got this rare disease after being scratched by a pet cat

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A lot of people love stroking their cats, but have you ever heard of cat scratch disease?On February 10, a patient with cat scratch disease, a rare disease caused by pet cats, was admitted to jiangsu Northern People’s Hospital. Two months ago, the patient, Ms. Wang, developed enlarged lymph nodes in her right groin, the size of an egg. Later, two small lymph nodes appeared in her left groin.Ms. Wang first came to the Hematology department of Northern Jiangsu Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. After the hematology doctor ruled out lymphatic tumor, he suspected lymphatic tuberculosis and suggested Ms. Wang to the New District Branch of Northern Jiangsu People’s Hospital for treatment, and recommended contact with the relevant experts of the new District Branch.After the experts of the new district branch of the People’s Hospital of Northern Jiangsu received the diagnosis, they identified and ruled out lymphatic tuberculosis and suggested that Ms. Wang do an pus gene sequencing examination.Ms. Wang did a further puncture to extract the pus.After the pus gene sequencing examination, the detection of hansebacdia infection, Ms. Wang was diagnosed as a rare cat scratch disease.The typical symptoms of the disease are skin lesions, skin erythema, papules, local lymph node enlargement, some patients may appear fever, anorexia, fatigue and other systemic symptoms.Ms. Wang was diagnosed with cat scratch disease, and then came to the North Of the People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province north Hospital burn orthopedics department.Burned Xu Gang after admission, director of orthopaedic team attaches great importance to and seriously discuss treatment options, first give azithromycin, joint local levofloxacin anti-infection treatment therapy, but wang right thigh skin damaged seriously and the pus cannot completely clear, cause the wound to heal, hence by surgical removal of the enlargement of lymph nodes, after removal of necrotic tissue around,The wound was stitched together.Recently, Ms. Wang wound has recovered well.Doctor introduction, cat scratch disease is very rare, the typical symptoms are skin damage and lymph node enlargement, 3-10 days after being scratched, bitten and licked by cats, skin lesions can appear 3-4mm diameter erythema, papules.This site of primary skin lesion is considered as the inoculation site of Hansebactonella.It is also very easy to misdiagnose because it is not so easy to identify.After the patient Ms Wang recalled, seven or eight months ago indeed had bought a kitten in the flower and bird market, raised for a period of time.The kitten went missing in August last year during the pandemic.Ms. Wang was scratched by a cat once, but there was no obvious damage to her skin, so she ignored it.Understanding cat scratch disease Cat scratch disease, also known as benign lymphadenopathy, is a systemic infectious disease.It is characterized by draining lymphadenitis, with a history of cat scratches or bites.The “real killer” of this disease is Bartonella. Domestic cats can maintain bartonella bacteremia for a long time without developing the disease, and are the storage host of Bartonella. Once people are scratched or bitten by cats, they may suffer from cat scratch disease.How can I avoid catching cat scratch disease?Regular deworming.Ectoparasites such as fleas and lice are the main vectors of Bartonella, which can effectively prevent cat scratch disease.Cats don’t have to be walked.By limiting exposure to fleas, you can reduce exposure to other cats that might be infected.Pay attention to hand hygiene.Wash your hands with soapy water after stroking the cat. Do not let the cat lick your wounds. Try to avoid teasing stray or feral cats.susceptible/vulnerable populationCats (especially kittens) should be avoided in patients with immunocompromised and valvular heart disease.Source: New Evening News