Did Du Jiang collapse his house?Private chat female net red was exposed, Huo Siyan comment area fell, net friend: quick divorce

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Celebrities’ marriage has always been a matter of great concern to netizens. No matter they get married, divorce or expose their love affair, it will affect the resources of Tanmen.But that doesn’t stop the growing number of divorces among entertainment stars, such as Hsu and Wang Xiaofei, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming, and Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian, who officially announced their divorce on Valentine’s Day.Despite many changes in celebrity relationships and marriages, there are still some model couples that people believe in true love in the entertainment industry.On the night of Valentine’s Day, netizens broke the news that Du Jiang talked about female Internet celebrities in private, and attached a video clip.In the video, Du jiang can be seen asking the woman if she is in Wuhan and she then asks if she is in person.Du responded by voice, “Yes, I will go to Wuhan in March to film,” and asked for his contact information.You can also see du Jiang’s social media account by clicking his profile picture in the chat interface.After the chat record was exposed, it quickly sparked heated discussion among netizens, wondering whether Du Jiang collapsed his house?Du Jiang’s “spoiling his wife” is so popular that netizens have called out that if Du Jiang collapsed his house, he would not believe in love in the entertainment industry.A few hours before du jiang’s affair came to light, Huo Siyan posted a video of her celebrating Valentine’s Day on social media. The video shows huo holding rose petals and blowing towards Du to the tune of “Slowly Liking You”.As soon as the news broke, Huo Siyan’s comment section went down, with netizens asking what the hell was going on.Some netizens also said that they are getting divorced, or have already left, and men don’t love themselves, just like rotten vegetable leaves and so on.The studio was quick to say it was a misunderstanding caused by the team’s mismanagement.The team was going to launch an activity featuring delicious food and fitness in Wuhan. Du Jiang happened to be beside the staff member that day and asked him to make a voice call, which caused misunderstanding.The comment section of this case is polarized. Some netizens think that the screenshot of the chat did not release the complete content, the case cannot be solved online, and it is not desirable to convict without evidence.Some netizens said that if du jiang wanted to prove his innocence, the studio would have to release the complete screenshots, or it could not have come from nothing.Overall, the majority of netizens still want to be able to release full screenshots to prove their innocence or prove their innocence.For now, there is so much discussion and opinion online that a video doesn’t say much.The studio needs to produce complete evidence to prove Du jiang’s innocence. So far, neither Huo Siyan nor Du Jian has spoken out.Du Jiang and Huo Siyan have a very stable relationship. They have been in love for 10 years and have been married. They are also a model couple in the circle.After too many stars collapsed house baptism, Internet users have no longer parrot, now Du Jiang studio has denied the rumor, we are still cautious to eat melon.