For three consecutive years, a free through train for returning to work has been opened

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Massachusetts moment on Feb. 2 – (correspondent Yang at spring fang) on February 2, gold purple chengbu miao nationality autonomous county township river and village villagers YangDeSheng get news from chengbu automobile north station, the station during the Spring Festival will continue to open out migrant workers return to return to work for free through train, he said happily: “the through train for free, don’t have to worry about the state of the queue, tickets, bus, change.”According to the current epidemic prevention and control and the demand for migrant workers to return to work, Chengbu North Bus Station will continue to operate free through train for migrant workers to return to work during this Spring Festival by planning in advance and actively linking up with county human resources and social security departments.This year, the station opened free through train from February 5 to 11 (the fifth to the 11th day of the first lunar month), the opening line is Chengbu to Huizhou, Chengbu to Dongguan, Chengbu to Shenzhen, Chengbu to Zhongshan, Chengbu to Shanghai, And Chengbu to Changsha.From February 5 to 11, migrant workers who need to travel to the above cities can contact the labor agent in their village (community) in advance, and provide the passenger’s name, ID number, contact phone number, return time, return location and other information accurately.Chengbu automobile north station will be according to the county labor lurking summary of passenger information timely deployment of passenger vehicles, reasonable arrangement of class time, and actively do a good job in the carrier vehicle hygiene, ventilation, disinfection and passengers, wearing masks, the temperature detection, health inspection work, to guarantee migrant workers out orderly peace return to return to work.It is reported that since 2020, The City bus North Station has organized for three consecutive years during the Spring Festival travel rush in conjunction with the county department of human resources and social security to open a free through train to return to work. In 2020 and 2021, the through train will open more than 70 times, transporting more than 2,300 people to return to work.This year, more than 40 through trains are expected to open, transporting more than 1,300 workers back to work and facilitating their timely, orderly and safe return to work.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original