Jump off jade jade fairy stage can with night hua two not owe?The original element was not element Jin fraud

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Element Jin framed susu said she pushed herself under the jade jade stage, had told susu let her give birth to the child from the jade jade stage jump down, that can go back to her place, at that time susu did not know the jade jade stage fierce, foolishly thought element Jin is to let her back to junji Mountain, also asked if night Hua let her leave.As a result, the vegetable brocade fell down to the jade palace and hurt a pair of eyes, or night Hua personally took the vegetable eyes for her.After su su blindness heartbroken, night hua again because do not want to let her know his injury and long do not appear, su Su misunderstanding night Hua is gas she pushed element Brocade jade jade stage, thereby giving birth to leave the day race away from night Hua idea.After the birth of the child, night Hua excited to na Su su for side concubine, su Su was in Nai Nai under the help of familiar with the journey from Xiwu Palace to jade jade fairy stage, a few days before the na side princess ceremony to open all fairy MOE, jumped from the jade jade fairy stage.But because of the sound transmission mirror, night before mr.zhou jump, Taiwan heard her words, mr.zhou first told him not to tell, from a human mother, and said they were back to the good life don’t worry, let the night China CDC mountain night China froze at that time, don’t know what’s the ability to return to earth, mr.zhou has imagined mr.zhou said kam celestial queen told her,Just jump off sendai and you’ll be back where you belong.Not to say element brocade under the cost of framed element, in front of element element by the devil devil fairy stage anger hurt his eyes, even if from the devil devil fairy stage jump down really can return to junji mountain, night Hua can go to Junji mountain looking for her ah!But Su Su was sure that she would never be in debt to Night Hua, which showed how much she had also guessed the role of Jade Jade Fairy Tai. Su Su had not been deceived by Su Jin, but had jumped jade Jade Fairy Tai when she was ready to die with Night Hua.Estimates the mr.zhou also pushed to the limit, will want to pit, jin before dying, she also specially emphasized his hadn’t push kam, perhaps mr.zhou thought so long as own jump can prove that she is not clear, the role of the machine, so there is no reason to push the element kam to, Taiwan, but in fact the whole day the family who couldn’t move the fairy in the mind think of mortals?Besides, Susu was a pregnant woman with a big belly.Poor su Su to the death that night hua is not believe in themselves, but do not know night Hua is in the clear know element Jin framed her premise, but also firmly hand out her eyes.So really can’t think why the white light finally forgive night Hua, probably drink the water of that moment, she is just white light and not plain, and those about plain grievance, but also white light from the knot in the memory of the soul to see, and can not let white light empathy.