Hubei JingSHI released “Han Baby” series of digital collections to open a new era of digital IP together with Fire Chain technology

2022-04-25 0 By

Official announcement!Hubei jingshi original digital collection “Han Baby” is coming online!In the just concluded Beijing Winter Olympics, the mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” burst out of the ring, whether online or offline, physical or digital collections have appeared “a pier hard to find” hot scene.Driven by the “Bingdwen Dwen” craze, digital collections have exploded at the beginning of 2022.February 28, the country’s first set of provincial media original digital collection – “Han Baby”, will be by Hubei Radio and TELEVISION television economic channel (hereinafter referred to as: Hubei Economics) and Wuhan Ruomi Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Wuhan Ruomi) in the digital collection platform – Mars Nebula debut.The platform is supported by huolian Technology, a leading enterprise in the block chain industry in China, which aims to jointly create digital IP commercial ecological solutions and open a new era of digital empowerment.12 o ‘clock that day, this set of precious digital collection will be officially released.The theme image of “Han Baby” is created by personification of wuhan city landmark and wuhan citizens’ traditional fine character.A group of cute Chinese tide “Children”, showing wuhan people “optimistic, hard work, dedication, study” character characteristics, is the reconstruction of this heroic city, heroic people, has special commemorative significance and collection value.This series is a set of four, each limited to 10,000 copies, distributed free of charge to the whole network.Users who collect four pieces of Hanwa (optimistic, diligent, hardworking and dedicated) will also get a directed “Hubei Economic TV X Mars Nebula Joint Collection commemorative medal”. For specific targeted release time, please pay attention to the announcements of hubei Economic TV and Mars Nebula official wechat official account.Fire chain executive director of institute of science and technology and Vince said, IP digital technology has been a fire chain to seize opportunities and the main direction of market demand, continue to promote cultural relics, such as art collection on the chain, at the same time of protecting copyright works, also promote the creators and behind the value of brand culture, finally achieved with IP digital can assign a traditional business.It is understood that every digital collection subscribed by the platform will form an exclusive digital certificate and be permanently stored on the blockchain.Each digital collection is unique, non-tamper with, non-replicable and has a unique blockchain number.All collections are issued and traded on the chain to ensure that every digital collection can be traced back to its source, so as to ensure that the ownership of the works is truly granted to each participant.Hubei Economic TV is a powerful TV media with the most credibility and influence in Hubei and Wuhan, ranking third in the authoritative “TOP 10 TV Landmark National terrestrial TV Channels”.The ratings of all landing TV channels in Wuhan have been the champion for 19 consecutive years.Wuhan Ruomi is a professional digital technology company with the combination of “block chain + information new infrastructure +IP digitization” and other advanced technologies. It is committed to serving excellent brands, refining brand IP image digital assets, realizing enterprise brand premium output, enabling enterprise digital transformation and development.As the technology provider of this cooperation, Huolian Technology focuses on the ecological development of the blockchain industry, deeply explores the integration of production, education, research and application of blockchain, and has made great achievements in the establishment of blockchain industry standards, product technology research and development, enabling the real economy, education and training system, ecological industry construction and other aspects.At the same time, Huolink technology uses blockchain technology in supply chain finance, traceability, performance management, cross-border trade, data on the chain and other aspects of application.”In the next step, Firelink technology will continue to make efforts to empower rural revitalization with IP digitization, create and promote more digital IP for rural revitalization with innovative technical ideas, drive the real economy with digital economy, and bring more distinctive local cultural and artistic creations to the world stage.”Zhou Peng said.