Ninghai: Emergency rescue by helicopter for fishermen in distress

2022-04-25 0 By

On February 26, about 125 nautical miles southeast of Xiangshan, Ningbo, a fishing boat named “Zhexiangyu 25300”, a fisherman was hit on the head by wire rope accidentally in a coma.Zhejiang Aviation Emergency Rescue Ninghai Readiness Base immediately dispatched b-70Y3 rescue helicopter and successfully brought the fisherman back for treatment, which is the first successful use of helicopter to complete emergency medical rescue in Ningbo.At 11:59 on February 26, Ninghai County emergency management bureau received provincial and municipal two levels of notice: Ningbo a fishing boat operation, the fisherman was hit by wire rope head unconscious, the ship left Xiangshan 125 nautical miles, please ningbo base to verify the situation, ready to go out.Upon receiving the notice, ninghai County Emergency Management Bureau immediately launched the emergency linkage plan, contacted the logistics base, medical emergency and other relevant departments, determined the details of the ground support during the transport of the wounded, and reported the rescue flight plan to the relevant units such as the military and civil aviation.At 13:10, two medical staff from ninghai County first aid station arrived at The Ninghai Standby Base. Ten minutes later, b-70Y3 crew took off from the base and headed for the accident site.One hour later, the crew arrived at the location of the fishing boat and began on-site operations.Rescue personnel arrived on the deck of the fishing boat found that the injured face laceration, serious bleeding, tenderness is obvious, the situation is relatively stable.Rescue workers immediately put the injured level, for its transfusion, hemostatic bandaging.After the completion of the on-site rescue work, the crew fixed the wounded with stretcher hoist into the engine room, returned to transport the injured to the county convention and exhibition center, and then sent to the emergency department of Ninghai County First Hospital by ambulance.The reporter learned that the injured were diagnosed as concussion, upper lip laceration and multiple contusions after being sent to the hospital. Their condition was stable and they were transferred to Ningbo for further treatment at the request of their families.