When her husband wrote an article satirizing their neighbors, Yang jiang went to apologize. Lin Huiyin said, “He wrote about cats

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It was very late at night, but Qian Zhongshu could not fall asleep for a long time.Listening to the “scream” on the roof, his heart was like a knife.Finally, he could not bear it.He wrapped himself in a padded coat, took a long bamboo pole from behind the door, and went out happily.In a short while, I heard the bamboo playing on the tiles, “crackling”.From time to time, there was a cat-meow.”Come back quickly,” Yang jiang said in a low voice. “It’s so cold. What are you doing here?”Indeed, Beijing is already very cold in the winter.A gust of north wind blowing, even wearing thick cotton-padded clothes, but also shivering with cold.Not to mention the howling of the north wind at night.The wind blew into people’s faces and cut them like knives.But Qian zhongshu did not care about this, as if he had not heard, he was still playing with the bamboo pole.Until he beat the bigger cat away.Qian Zhongshu “Hua Hua” jumped down from the eaves and into his arms.Qian zhongshu returned to the house with Huahua in his arms contentedly.After closing the door, he put the long bamboo pole behind the door.Hua Hua is a cat that Qian and his wife Yang Jiang raise.The cat was small and clever, but mischievous.Qian fell in love with it when he first met it.Treat it as the most precious general pet, for fear of it a little hurt.That was when “hua Hua” was still a “small ball of velvet”, came here.At that time, its whole body spread out, no bigger than Mr. Qian’s hand.The first time qian touched its soft hair and watery body, he couldn’t put it down.The first time Yang Jiang kitten climbed up the tree, she climbed a little too high.Some timid it, actually do not know how to come down.It was Qian zhongshu who soothed it and enticed it with food at the same time that allowed it to slip back down from the tree for some distance.Seeing that qian zhongshu was not far away, the kitten jumped to his shoulder.Qian took it in his arms and smiled a little.Hua Hua’s eyes even showed a kind of tenderness, looking at Qian Zhongshu affectionately.The little paw tickled qian zhongshu’s cuff to show his thanks.Within a few months, Huahua had grown up.The more mischievous “flower flower”, often run out late at night.Running from roof to roof.In the sa Huan time, “hua Hua” also met the rival.A cat that was bigger than him, and also very naughty.Whenever two cats come together, it is inevitable to have a “life and death” fight.However, every time the flowers are at a disadvantage.Not by the other side pulling off a few hairs, is the other side scratched out a few bleeding wounds.Every time he saw hua Hua come back black and blue, Qian Zhongshu always felt distressed.Sometimes distressed him, canthus can drop a few tears.At first, Qian could bear it.Finally, he could not bear it any longer, so he found a long bamboo pole and whenever he heard the sound of fighting on the roof.He came out with a bamboo pole to help “Hua Hua” fight, until the cat beat away.Back in the house, “hua Hua” leisurely back to their nest.Qian Zhongshu also happily returned to bed.At that time, Yang Jiang had to complain about him.”As the saying goes, beating a dog depends on the owner, and beating a cat depends on the housewife.”According to Lin huiyin’s old family background, the cat with a slightly larger body is no worse than Hua Hua.It was raised by Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng, qian zhongshu’s neighbors.At that time, Lin huiyin’s physical condition was no longer very good, and she often had to lie in bed for recuperation.To cope with loneliness and boredom, she also keeps a cat.This cat has an unusual name that’s a bit of a mouthful.Lin huiyin named it “The Focus of Love”.Surely let it remember his name, also want to spend some time.Qian zhongshu doesn’t care. He doesn’t care whose cat it is.As long as the bully to “flower flower” head, he is bound to move.Of course, Qian zhongshu is not an unreasonable person.More than once before, he had come to Lin’s house to talk about cats.Lin huiyin wears a windbreaker and qian zhongshu lists the crimes committed by “Love Focus” and hopes Lin huiyin can keep her cat in line.But cats want to fight, which is Lin Huiyin can control.You can’t have the “focus of love” tied to the house every day.In that way, Lin huiyin was also unhappy.Besides, her health was not good enough for her to worry about such trifles.As the saying goes, “love me, love my dog”, hate the house and the same.Qian zhongshu hated “the focus of love” so much that Lin Huiyin was affected.He transferred this hatred to the cat’s owner.Perhaps thinking that Lin had neglected to discipline the “focus of love”, he even wrote an article titled “Cat” to express his displeasure with Lin and even satirize her.He he described the protagonist of the story as a woman with dark skin.She even went to Japan to have her eyelids cut for the sake of her appearance.He also brought in the heroine’s husband, who was described as a man with no real talent and even his graduation thesis was ghostwritten.Anyone with a clear eye could see that Qian zhongshu was mocking Lin huiyin, even Liang Sicheng.With Lin huiyin’s talent, how could she not see it?Yang jiang felt that Qian zhongshu’s practice was very inappropriate.So she went to Lin huiyin’s house and tried to excuse Qian zhongshu.She hoped Lin huiyin would not take it to heart.Lin Huiyin is an extremely open-minded person, she naturally will not care about the outside gossip.”Mr. Qian talked about cats,” she said to Ms. Yang, only half joking. “What does that have to do with me?”When Lin and her children returned home, Yang jiang conveyed Lin’s generosity to Qian zhongshu.Her original intention was to hope qian zhongshu would restrain a little, after all, the two families are neighbors.Well, they were all colleagues, and they were all eminent scholars at the time.There was no need for resentment between the two families over such a trivial matter.Why bother when he will hurt his greatest enemies?Is it only because of this that Qian Zhongshu has a problem with Lin Huiyin?That may not be so.Perhaps, it is more or less mixed with a lot of personal feelings.There is so a bit of literary light, but also from each other’s three views on the gap.Liang Sicheng Actually, the intersection between Qian Zhongshu and Lin Huiyin is not much.They may have met before, but they didn’t know each other well.However, Lin huiyin’s prostitution in the past, in the society has long been boiling profusely, everyone is known.Some people blamed Lin Huiyin for Xu Zhimo’s death.After all, Xu was in a hurry to get back to Beijing to attend a lecture by Lin Huiyin.Some people blamed Lin Huiyin for Jin Yuelin’s lifelong lack of marriage.After all, since Jin became obsessed with Lin, he followed her wherever she went.During Tagore’s visit to China, Lin acted as his interpreter.Beside Tagore, besides Lin Huiyin, was another Chinese poet who held him in high regard.He is Xu Zhimo.Xu’s then-Lin Huiyin was already engaged to Liang Sicheng.Xu Zhimo or deep in love with Lin Huiyin, difficult to extricate themselves.That to tea do not think, do not want to eat the point.He asked Tagore to help him write the famous line, “the blue of the sky, fell in love with the green of the earth, the breeze between them sighed, ah”.Who can say that Lin huiyin has no feelings for Xu Zhimo?But she eventually resisted the heat of the heart, eventually chose Liang Sicheng.By comparison, qian’s love story with Yang is simple.In 1932, Yang jiang went to Tsinghua University on loan from Soochow University.In Qinghua Garden, she met the talented Qian Zhongshu.Two people meet for the first time, Qian Zhongshu is attracted deeply by this woman place at the moment.Qian zhongshu was at work and he said to her, “I am not married, nor have I entered into an engagement.”Then, two people walked together, hand in hand into the palace of marriage.There was no more ripple.It is not surprising that Qian zhongshu has quite a view of Lin Huiyin, even a little disdain, just because of the difference in attitude towards love.A woman who has been engaged, but also lead to so much love and hatred.It must be no one else’s fault but her own.Xu Zhimo once said to Lu Xiaoman, “When you meet friends, you should have a certain degree.If you get too close, something will happen.Obviously, in Qian zhongshu’s mind, Lin Huiyin did not grasp the degree.Bing Xin not to say in those days, even in the present society.A married woman is involved in numerous emotional affairs with her male friends, but she still doesn’t care about the comments of the outside world and still gets along with them in her own way.It is inevitable that people who do not know what she is looking at her with colored eyes, and even some disdain.And the reason, there will be such dislike, despise eye, also stems from their different family background.Lin huiyin’s grandfather was a jinshi in the late Qing Dynasty.I worked in many places during the turbulent times.When Chinese and Western cultures collided seriously, he gradually realized the advantages of Western learning and highly praised western education.In Yang Jiang’s later years, Lin’s father Lin Changmin, under the earnest education of his father, also received western learning early.Later, he went to Japan for further study and had a deep understanding of Western culture.Lin huiyin received western education from primary school to middle school, and then went abroad to study.The so-called pursuit of freedom in the West, as well as the pursuit of individual independence, has long been deep in her bones.It was the same with love, and it was the same with art.She does not care about the eyes of others, only care about their pursuit, whether they want.About love and friendship, she never care what others think, just pursue their own heart.Qian Zhongshu is different.He was born in a family of educators. Although he is not opposed to Western learning, he still stresses the importance of middle school.In the initial education, he was exposed to the four books and five Classics, poetry and ode.In his bones, he planted the character of Chinese traditional literati, with Chinese literati lofty in his heart.As for the splendour of the West, he was not interested.As for the western way of thinking, he found it somewhat absurd and even sneered at it.No matter who, the relationship should be single-minded.This is qian zhongshu’s attitude towards love. It is obvious that Lin Huiyin’s way is not acceptable to him, and it is not difficult to understand his disdain.But Lin enjoyed it.After she and Liang Sicheng returned to China, they opened a salon in their home in accordance with the European way of life, called “Saturday Salon”.Often on Saturday afternoons, many men of letters gather at Lin huiyin’s home.They talked freely of art as well as literature.From poetry to antiques, calligraphy and painting, from current politics, to the so-called Western philosophy.Liang Sicheng class Qian Zhongshu once said ironically, “theory is always formulated by people who do not practice.”It was an eventful time and a time of intense collision between Chinese and Western cultures.Many people are disgusted by their chatty, out-of-touch party style.Bing Xin once wrote a story that satirizes this without mercy.In her essay, she paints a picture of a beautiful woman half-lying on a sofa, surrounded by men.Some came late and couldn’t find a place to sit.They sat on the floor in the empty space beside the sofa.The woman’s hair just touched the man’s toes, and the two smiled at each other.Take out one love poem after another full of ambiguity.You a language, I a language of chanting.Someone brought coffee, someone brought hot tea.With a knowing smile on his face, he looked at the soft woman.What kind of picture is this after all?What kind of emotions are they revealing?Perhaps only Bing Xin himself can give the best explanation.However, it cannot be denied that this was also Lin’s daily life at that time.On idle afternoons, her drawing-room was always full of writers.Here are Jin Yuelin, Xu Zhimo, Hu Shi, Shen Congwen, and the host Liang Sicheng, etc.Most of them were outstanding in the literary world at that time, and each of them had his own halo.However, apart from Lin Huiyin, it is hard to find another woman who is a good match.Probably Qian Zhongshu and Bing Xin, also extremely dislike their party.Some people even attribute Lin huiyin’s gathering style to her communicative methods.In order to meet more celebrities, to improve their status and status.This form of rendering identity has been dishonored by literati since ancient times.Qian Zhongshu in his later years Although Qian Zhongshu had never attended any of them, he had heard of them all.If he was also more inclined to the view of means of communication, he naturally did not like Lin Huiyin, even some disdain.In fact, many men of letters at that time had their own cliques.It’s just that some people get into it, some people get sick of it.At that time, there were also small gatherings in Qian zhongshu’s home.Only a few college professors or his students were there.In terms of status and fame, the Saturday Salon was far behind.As for Qian Zhongshu’s deep heart, is there any sour taste?That depends on how outsiders look at it.From ancient times to the present, it is common for literary people to be indifferent to each other.It is certainly presumptuous to say that Qian zhongshu and Lin Huiyin have much conflict, but it is reasonable to say that they despise each other.After all, they were both professors at Tsinghua and neighbors, so it was inevitable that they would have different views on trifles.In academic terms, Qian zhongshu is one generation later than Lin Huiyin.While Lin was already famous, Qian was still studying abroad.But when it comes to literary achievements, qian zhongshu seems to be higher than Lin Huiyin.Earlier years Lin huiyin’s reputation, how much and her feelings have a trace of involvement.In a way, her fame is hard to escape, a bit of hype.Obviously, qian Zhongshu does not like this way of becoming famous.Jin Yuelin looked back at the past.Lin huiyin’s achievements, obviously, do not lie in her literary creation, but more in her contribution to the cause of Chinese architecture.In that turbulent era, it could spare no effort to travel with Liang Sicheng all over the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, to preserve the unique architecture of China, her contribution is no less than Qian Zhongshu.Later, it was only after Repeated persuasion by Yang Jiang that Qian zhongshu gradually got over Lin Huiyin.Her attitude has been slightly changed, no longer with the hand of the pen to map things around.Two or three years later, Qian zhongshu and Yang Jiang moved out of the house and no longer lived next door to Lin.Qian zhongshu originally took the cat away, but when they arrived at their new home, the cat quietly left.The cat’s departure also indicates that he and Lin Huiyin all entanglements, as time goes by and disappear.For posterity, in addition to a story between tears and smiles, there are those thoughts of masters.