Bex Bluetooth Headset Bowie E9

2022-04-26 0 By

The pursuit of a colorful material and spiritual life has been the common goal of the rapidly developing civilized society.Clothing pursuit of many models, the pursuit of the car coolpad, the pursuit of mobile phone to keep up with the new release……Bluetooth headsets have also become business people.Standard for office workers, in the pursuit of high quality of life concept trend, people prefer to have noise reduction, wind dryness, high-definition experience of the headset.I am a person who pays much attention to the details of life, and I like to protect my body from bits and pieces. Ear, as an important sensory organ, is very important for obtaining information and communicating with others.As a result, I have high standards for phone calls, and I believe in buying only the right ones, not the expensive ones.For the first time, I got the Ear-protecting Bex Bluetooth Bowie E9, which I used for a while and felt like a blessing.Its advantage is four microphone call noise reduction, call automatically open shielding ambient noise, so that the call like face to face;And can be super anti-wind noise, isolated from the wind movement will make the music more pure;In technology, the new generation bluetooth 5.3 chip is adopted, which further indicates communication efficiency and anti-interference, and is more stable.The delay is as low as 0.038 seconds, and the game is more comfortable with the synchronization of audio and painting;At the same time support tablet PC, mobile phone connected to the headset, automatic switch when the call;Charge for 10 minutes and listen to music for 2 hours. The charging bin supports wireless charging.