From “new member” to “little master” new comrade-in-arms of the Armed police

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Four months ago, a group of young men with resolute faces with the dream of joining the army to serve their country entered the barracks from all over the world.In Taizhou Detachment of Zhejiang Provincial Armed Police Corps (hereinafter referred to as “Taizhou Detachment”), they have completed the transformation from local youth to qualified combatants through quenching of the new army Company.Twinkling of an eye, the new comrade-in-arms under the company has been “full moon”.”Short hair with military uniform, handsome and masculine!Now I, bid farewell to once that ‘small fresh meat’.Under the monitor’s superb skills, everyone’s hair has been pushed into a clean ‘plate inch’, the whole person looks energetic and energetic.The squad leader told me it was a fine tradition of our unit to start from the head.”Taizhou detachment new comrade-in-arms Liang Jiasheng wrote this paragraph in his barracks diary.For new comrade-in-arms haircut zhejiang Armed Police Taizhou detachment for new changes, from the “head” to start.New comrade-in-arms have ditched their once varied hairstyles for a clean buzz cut.From “free and loose” to “orders and regulations”, from “hunched back” to “tall and straight”, the new comrade-in-arms not only temperament from inside and outside changes, the body of the military temperament is increasingly prominent.Taizhou detachment into the dormitory, the recruits of the internal affairs of the people at the moment a bright, the quilt folded square beautiful, angular, clean sheets flat, orderly wardrobe.The change of military quilt is not only the epitome of their gradual alignment with qualified soldiers, but also the testimony of their growth.Little by little to foster, every move consciousness.The new comradesused their spare time to polish their quilts and put them neatly in between training sessions, raising their personal standards unconsciously.Go out to see the queue, the door to see the internal affairs, neat “tofu block” is not only the inevitable requirements of the army standard, but also hone the will of the “alchemical stone”.The new comrade-in-arms said goodbye to the lazy style of life and casual behavior in the past. The new comrade-in-arms stood like a pine, sat like a bell, and walked like the wind. The seemingly simple order and movement are the embodiment of their getting rid of bad habits and molding the military temperament.And the combat effectiveness of the army is from the intravenous drip management.”One to, two is, three runs” is the monitor to teach the new comrade-in-arms of the first sentence, but also their vigorous, the style of prohibition.It is blood and sweat that build the barracks. To enter the barracks means to choose hardship and dedication.Parallel bars, 3,000 meters, sit-ups, push-ups…It is not only a necessary skill for soldiers, but also a test of self-will power.Physical training is the “ticket” to the future battlefield, is a qualified soldier’s required course, more sweat on the training ground, less blood on the battlefield.A new comrade of taizhou detachment said, from “0” to “1”, from not to can, although every breakthrough has accumulated bitter sweat, but also harvested the joy of breaking the cocoon into a butterfly.”We are all standing at the same starting line, only more than others to eat more bitter, flow more sweat, to overcome their own.”Taizhou new team members of Wang Daoxin is this batch of new recruits in the poorer a military quality, carry out a new training every time, others in the eyes of a little difficulty, is a big challenge for him, but he did not give up because of failure, but ask whenever you have a second monitor, veterans, active and fuck your training plan, the final victory over his success.Army is a big school, but also a big stage.New recruits under the company, only to find the side of the comrade-in-arms are all “master”, Slam Dunk, guitar prince, pop singer……Thanks to the vigorous promotion of cultural and sports activities by the army to meet the needs of officers and soldiers, the barracks life of the new comrade-in-arms has become rich and colorful.Under the leadership of the squad leader, the new comrade-in-arms opened their hearts, showed themselves, completed the ideological transformation from “new members” to “small masters”, actively integrated into life, harvested joy in hard work and dedication, and realized their self-value.”To be honest, half of the reasons why I joined the army before were my parents’ expectations, but now I really like the warm and fulfilling life in the army.”Taizhou detachment’s new comrade-in-arms Wang Xiaoqiang said.Within a few months, the new comrade-in-arms gradually integrated themselves into the barracks and began to realize their “dream of a strong army”.For the new comrade-in-arms, even though their military careers have just begun, they have already turned in a satisfactory “full moon”.Source: