The outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war, what is the Russian tactics behind

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The war between Russia and Ukraine will be heated up, with the chechen armed and fighting ethnic groups joining the ground war. If The Capital of Ukraine fails to hold Kiev, Ukraine will collapse in three days.There are many strange places in this campaign. Why did the Russian fighting nation even use the strategy of precise guidance and fixed point removal of missiles instead of aggressive attack?Putin’s intention is worth pondering deeply, what kind of strategic thought is hidden behind deep exploration Russia!In the author’s long-term summary of Russia’s strategy against Ukraine, there are the following considerations :1.The history of Russia and Ukraine was once divided by the brothers of Russia. It is unrealistic to bomb a large number of pro-russian brothers of the same clan in Ukraine.2. Russia wants to subdue Ukraine with hard military strength. Its strategic thought is not only to overthrow the pro-American Zelensky government, but to subdue the Ukrainian army with equal or a small number of troops to harvest the Ukrainian people, paving the way for the next step.3. Russia has blocked the EASTWARD expansion of NATO led by the United States and separated NATO from pro-American countries with its military strength. The United States cannot be relied on.4. After the war, Russia will fully take over Ukraine, elect a Pro-Russian government, Ukraine will become a Russian state, and the family life will be more harmonious in the future.5 everyone is the most easy to ignore, Russia now want is not land, but the population, The Russian economy did not imagine the poor, but the lack of domestic development of population, if Ukraine to Russia tens of millions of people, plus Ukraine’s strong agricultural supplies, Russia will be more bug behemoth.Thank you for your support!