These seven inconsistent stars finally reappear in 2021, and none of them deserve sympathy

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Speaking of Pan Changjiang, everyone is familiar with him. Pan Changjiang, a famous comedian, has participated in many Spring Festival Gala in a row and shot many films and TV works. Before 2021, Pan Changjiang has a good reputation in the industry.Until the rise of the live streaming industry in 2021, Pan Changjiang’s reputation has been falling all the way, and the reason is “the intersection of Pan And Ga”.At first, when “Ga zi” Xie Mengwei was leading activities on the live broadcast platform, Pan Changjiang river also repeatedly urged him to put more thought into acting.Later, After the exposure of Xie mengwei selling fake wine, Pan often criticized him online.But ridiculous is, Pan Changjiang river did not long also began to live, his way of selling goods than ga zi even exaggerated, a common can not be common diamond, can be he said, the value of the city.Because of this incident, Pan Changjiang also received a lot of doubts.02 Yu Xiaoguang, Yu Xiaoguang and Autumn porcelain dazzle wedding, but touched a lot of people, many people think autumn porcelain dazzle met true love, this life can finally live happily.As we all know, Choo jinj-hyun’s growth experience is very unfortunate. Due to her family of origin, she never felt her father’s love when she was young. After her sister died unexpectedly, her mother took all her emotions out on her.Therefore, for Choo Ja-hyun, her childhood and youth were raised in an environment of extreme lack of love.After moving to China, she and Yu xiaoguang met and fell in love, and eventually married.Both in their interactions and on the show, they were very much in love.However, these are just appearances, as Yu was spotted holding hands with a woman while shopping in 2016 and a neighbour sitting on his lap last year.Although the two yu Xiaoguang gave an explanation, but these explanations are pale, Yu Xiaoguang is still negative autumn porcelain dazzle.As one of China’s famous pianists, Li Yundi’s talent and achievements are beyond doubt.He won a gold medal in an international competition at the age of 15.But unlike Lang Lang, who is both talented and hardworking, even after he became famous, he never relaxed.But Li Yundi is different. After he became famous as a young man, he has been disengaged from his work. First, he had an affair with an actress, and then he took the initiative to blame the woman, saying that he could not look up to “middle-aged women”, but in fact, he deliberately created the affair for his concert, in order to gain more heat.Last year, li yundi’s career was ruined when he was arrested and jailed for something unsavoury.Speaking of Hua Chenyu, many people are willing to call him “master of practice”, because of his singing style, they can not agree with him, and really do not appreciate him.In the past, there have been rumors in the circle that Hua chenyu succeeded in the circle by relying on his family’s conditions, but it is only limited to the rumors that he is a “rich second generation” and “master”, and there is no other theory.But early last year, Hua said, “Yes, we have a child.” The entertainment industry exploded.And this child is he and former girlfriend Zhang Bichen, more shattered three views is, this child is born in Hua Chenyu unaware of the situation.That is to say, after the two broke up, Zhang Bichen found herself pregnant, and did not abort the child, but secretly gave birth to it.After this incident, Hua Chen Yu’s reputation is also rapid decline.For many post-80s and post-90s generations, Wang Lee-hom said that he was his own youth, and how many people were listening to his songs in a cycle.With his unique voice and handsome appearance, Wang has won many fans.Wang Lee-hom’s image as an innocent boy has been shattered by a recent divorce and a heated online fight with his wife.Overnight, Wang lee-hom became an addicted, violent, cheating, cheating and womanizing man who neglected his wife and children.Although he and his wife, Li Jinglei, apologized, they were not forgiven, and wang has now announced his retirement from the entertainment industry.06 Qian Feng these years, the name of Qian Feng has gradually been forgotten by everyone, when he was in “every day up” in the host is also very good, should also have a bright future on, but why would be reduced to this?One of the main reasons was that he was too lecherous.His relationships have been criticized since he was in college.At the beginning, he fell in love with su Yang, a female classmate.However, Qian Feng is a playboy who falls in love with Su Yang while thinking about other girls.Su Yang could not bear this humiliation and let go decisively.Before long after this paragraph of amour ends, the Qian Feng and zhang Ling went together again, when cohabitation, the other side takes care of add to him, can still end because of the cheating of Qian Feng eventually.The next few relationships ended the same way.Even if it is later become “every day up” host, he still did not get rid of their own bad habits, still go their own way, emotional chaos, and even while small art drunk, forced its violation.In the end, small art revealed his evil, the original popularity is not very stable Qian Feng overnight became everyone shout dozen “street rat”, now has long faded out of the public view.In the years when “Creation 101” was popular, Meng Meiqi was still very popular, and the impression she left on the audience was also very pure and independent.However, let everyone did not think of is, Meng Meiqi actually made a third party!Meng was involved with musician Chen Lingtao and his girlfriend when they were dating.For this matter, Meng Meiqi also expressed tacit consent, but she said that she did have a relationship with Chen lingtao, but did not know that he had a girlfriend.But even so, for a budding star, is a fatal blow.After this incident, Her popularity declined and her career was greatly affected.As public figures, stars should set up the correct three views and set an example, so that they will succeed all the way.