World awake inspirational sentences, such as spring breeze stroke, refreshing

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Everyone has his own way of life, we do not need to envy the life of others.Some people surface scenery, but SECRETLY DO not know how many tears.Take back the envy of others, look back at your heart more practical.Seek for their own way of life, is the best way to live.Only a rose can bloom as a rose, everyone can only bloom in their own way.Can really help to solve the problem, is your own resources, ability, experience and psychological quality.Dripping water wears through a stone is not the power of water, but the power of repetition and persistence.Remember to close, let us all be polished by the years into a party of jade, rather than be destroyed by the years into tofu residue.Don’t talk behind people, and don’t care about being said.There is nothing in the world that is not commented on, and there is no one who is not commented on.Calm to hear the voice of all things, heart can see the nature of all things.Smile, not because happiness too long, but too long time to forget to sorrow.In this world, there will always be someone to make you sad, let you grind your teeth.Only if you work hard enough, you will be lucky enough.Time, will not neglect every persistent and brave person.What you worry about, what will control you.Don’t let the outside world just for reference, disturb your inner order.Life is a common thing, want to succeed, the key is to be able to “endure” live.Stick to the dream, serious life, will wait for the future you want.The most embarrassing thing in life is that you overestimate your position in others’ hearts.