When asked if he was concerned about China and Russia getting too close, Biden replied, “It’s nothing new.

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Sino-russian friendship arouses anxiety in US media.U.S. President Joe Biden was asked by a group of reporters on February 6 if he was concerned that China and Russia are getting too close. Biden replied, “It’s nothing new.”Biden also took questions from reporters about the situation in Ukraine, Sputnik and NBC news reported.Asked if he was considering sending more troops to eastern Europe if tensions in Ukraine escalated, Mr. Biden declined to comment, saying only that he was “not going to speculate on that.”But Mr Biden added that he did not believe Mr Putin would be able to seek de-escalation measures: “I don’t think he can”.After briefly answering a few questions, Biden ended the q&A session with reporters.Sputnik news agency reported that On February 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in North China.The heads of state of China and Russia met and issued a joint statement, focusing on the common positions of the two countries on democracy, development, security and order.Putin said russia-China relations are a model of international relations in the 21st century.The joint statement reflects the highly consistent position of Russia and China on major international issues.The strategic nature of Russia-China relations has never been more prominent, attracting worldwide attention.The deepening of comprehensive strategic coordination between Russia and China is conducive to the respective development of the two countries and the maintenance of their common interests. It is also of great significance to the maintenance of global strategic security and stability.During Putin’s visit, relevant departments and enterprises of the two sides signed 15 cooperation documents covering economy and trade, energy, science and technology, finance and other fields.These include the Far East Gas Purchase and Sale Agreement signed between China National Petroleum Corporation and Russia’s Gazprom, and the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in low-carbon Development signed between China National Petroleum Corporation and Russia’s Rosneft.Biden was pressed by reporters amid rising tensions along the Russian-Ukrainian border ahead of Putin’s invitation to China.Western countries led by the United States frequently put out tough words, claiming that they will impose severe sanctions on Russia, and some countries have begun to send troops to “arm” Ukraine.Russia and China are working hard to build a common financial infrastructure to protect their cooperation from possible sanctions imposed by a third country, Kremlin presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said Wednesday.It is worth mentioning that on February 5, one day before US journalists questioned Biden about China-Russia relations, Russian Ambassador to the US Antonov said in an interview with Russian media that the recent meeting between the two heads of state had caused us media to “worry” that China and Russia would continue to “approach”.He said U.S. media reports sent “the most negative signals” and could “clearly see concerns about Russia and China getting closer.”After the china-us summit, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said the china-Russia summit was very successful.The two countries signed nearly 20 cooperation documents covering economy, trade, investment, energy and sports within the framework of the visit, laying a solid foundation for deeper and more solid bilateral practical cooperation.He pointed out that the express train of China-Russia relations is always on the road, there is no terminal station, only a gas station.During the talks, the two heads of state reiterated that any attempt to harm the interests of China and Russia and drive a wedge between the two countries is doomed to failure.The two heads of state also had in-depth discussions on international and regional hotspot issues of common concern. They agreed to continue to practice true multilateralism and take practical actions to implement global development initiatives.