Wow!!!!Qingdao Metro donated materials to the counterpart town of Laixi

2022-04-27 0 By

Peninsula full media reporter Guo Zhenliang March 14 morning, a truck loaded with protective clothing, gloves, alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials from the hospital of Qingdao Metro Group emergency command center located in Shenzhen Road 99.Just now, a short, simple and concise donation of epidemic prevention materials to Laixi was held here. Zhang Jiangang, secretary of the CPC Party Committee and Chairman of Qingdao Metro Group, and Zhang Jun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and General Manager of Qingdao Metro Group jointly donated epidemic prevention materials and funds to Laixi.The pandemic is a mandate.Smell makes Qingdao subway, active practice of soe bear, active docking counterpart support of lacey had Ma Lianzhuang town, emergency purchasing a batch of epidemic prevention materials, including protective clothing for 10 cases, rubbing alcohol 25 cases, etc., and in conjunction with the China railway, China railway construction corporation, China construction, China building, Chinese contractors in turbine five subway to lacey donation of 500000 yuan.A critical moment shows style, and a joint fight against epidemic shows true feelings.Trucks carrying on the iron man of love and hope to a line, Qingdao subway will also carry on epidemic prevention and control of political responsibility, the epidemic prevention and control as a deepening “style ability promotion year” activities in the first battle of, work style, to show the mission to bear to resolutely play fight, war, epidemic prevention and control encounter metro power annihilation.