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The Spring Festival is over and the new term is just around the corner. The learning difficulties clinic of Nanjing Children’s Hospital is busy again.It is reported that many parents come to see their children with problems such as inattention, tardiness in homework and tantrums during the winter vacation, hoping that doctors can help them improve.Wu Dandan, an expert from the clinic, said: “Every time before and after school starts, some children will not adapt to school, so parents can take targeted measures to help children relieve symptoms.”How to help children quickly adapt to the start of school approaching, children may have varying degrees of insomnia, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc., after the elimination of disease factors, parents can help children “take heart” through the following aspects.01 Adjust work and Rest Holidays plus the Chinese New Year, children have more independent time, work and rest is chaotic, may play mobile phones, watch TV and sleep late, or even stay up late.Parents can adjust their children’s sleep schedule in advance, go to bed early and wake up early, and work regularly to gradually adapt to the school time.When visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, children eat at different times, and their meals are relatively greasy.Parents should adjust the diet in advance, three meals a day fixed quantity, meat and vegetable collocation, not picky and partial food, not overeating, follow the principle of less salt, less oil, less sugar.03 Adjust the state of mind appropriate exercise, adjust the mood.Studies have shown that getting some exercise every day can improve your mood and energy, as well as improve your learning efficiency.Set goals and boost your confidence.Parents can help children set small goals that can be accomplished, such as reading a book for 40 minutes, playing basketball for 40 minutes, etc., to increase children’s sense of control over themselves, improve their self-confidence and sense of achievement.Accept yourself and reduce anxiety.Some children feel guilty about not doing their homework or taking online classes during the holidays and are afraid to skip school.At this point, parents should not blindly criticize their children, but should help children to plan their homework reasonably, make up in batches, and watch the content of online courses repeatedly, so as to reduce the anxiety of children as much as possible.During this process, parents can take photos and videos. Afterwards, families can discuss about how to arrange the holidays reasonably and urge their children to make good arrangements in the future holidays.How do children with attention deficits adjust to starting school?If you have a child in your family who has been diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), in addition to the above, parents should work with their child to complete the following points before the new school year begins:01 Parents should do a good job in their own emotional management, correctly recognize and face up to their own emotions, summarize the successful coping experience in the previous communication with their children, and think about how to avoid ineffective and counterproductive coping mode.At the same time, learn to de-stress and lower expectations.Parents’ good attitude is the premise of helping children solve problems.02 set an example to ensure the consistency of education ★ family caliber ★ before and after the requirements of the same ★ education heart and mouth ★ personality equality consistent requirements of daily norms of behavior and rules of reward and punishment, all family members need to maintain a consistent attitude, work together, cooperate with each other;The standards of behavior and the principles of rewards and punishments specified in advance should be implemented in accordance with the agreement afterwards, and should not be arbitrarily changed;Do not be stingy to express encouragement to children, otherwise children can not feel their parents “love message”, then let the child feel worthless, increase parent-child conflict, is not conducive to the establishment of self-confidence and self-esteem;Actively listen to children’s ideas, and use language to express emotions and love, when encountering problems, deal with children’s emotions first, then deal with problems.Create a good family environment Keep the room clean and tidy, provide children with simple and exclusive learning and living space, school supplies are placed relatively fixed, in the process of children engaged in completing various tasks to minimize interference.Review your child’s efforts and progress in the last semester, summarize successful experiences, and encourage your child to keep up in the new school term.For all aspects of difficulties and deficiencies, list one by one, discuss together to get the most need to improve the goal, as the focus of this semester to conquer.Organize your life and make a plan to help your child establish a sense of time and overcome aimless and disordered habits.Can not see, can not touch the time to fall on specific tasks, to help children self-management, so that life organized, structured.Most of the children in the “learning difficulties Clinic” do have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning skill development disorder and mental retardation, but some are caused by emotional problems.So, as a parent how to distinguish children’s “learning difficulties” is pathological factors, or emotional problems?1. Learning skill development disabilities are easy to find, such as difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, expression and calculation.2. Children with ADHD can be inattentive, irritable and impulsive, while older children can say they “can’t help themselves”.Generally 7 years old children, after 5-10 minutes of recess activities can be quiet, focus can maintain 20-25 minutes, if not, should pay attention to.In addition, when children play together, it is easy to conflict with their peers, in the face of younger partners are particularly serious, impulsive, parents should also pay attention to.3, emotional problems generally in addition to “learning difficulties” will also be additional other performance, such as unwilling to chat, do not want to go out, in a bad mood, etc..Wu Thant reminds: if the child is found to have the above problems, parents should take their children to the hospital for a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.Jiangsu news broadcast reporter ancestral name just, Suzhou notice again!Just now, making history!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: