Huangtian Village, Zhuhui District: “Five governance” in rural areas has leveraged new development momentum

2022-04-28 0 By

Hengyang Daily news on January 28 (all media reporter Zhou Qi correspondent Tang Lanrong) “this season to orange tree cover film……”January 24, Zhuhui district Tea hill col town Huang Tian village three extension agricultural industrial park, village party secretary Wang Wei is guiding the cold anti-freezing technology, for workers to explain the cold fruit tree knowledge.The introduction of grapes and other high-quality projects in Huangtian Village has leveraged new drivers for rural revitalization and development.Since last year, Huangtian Village closely around zhuhui District “three high five district” goal, actively integrate, actively plan, promote the standardization of urban and rural governance, the introduction of high-quality projects, leverage the new momentum of rural revitalization development.Rural vitalization depends on industry, and industrial development should be distinctive.”We have successfully introduced shangshutang Group, Qiushiguo Horticulture Research Center and Hunan Huanglang poultry industry and other enterprises, to create a research base, high-quality fruit planting, Xianghuang chicken breeding demonstration base and high-grade seedling planting as one of the three innovation integration agricultural industrial park.Now, the village’s collective income has reached nearly 200,000 yuan.”Wang Wei said.▲ Wang Wei is instructing the anti-cold technology of fruit trees in the garden, explaining the knowledge of anti-cold to workers.In promoting industries at the same time, in view of the standardization of the urban and rural governance, the people’s livelihood and basic construction project investment insufficient, the emperor tamura spent 100000 yuan every year for living environment and the implementation of the rural environment of fine management, improve the village infrastructure, such as village roads, small garden upgrading multiple projects.”In the past, the village was not so clean. People dumped their rubbish in the ditch and there were piles of rubbish on the roadside.Now the roadside planted with green plants, there are garbage cans at the door, the village has a special person to clean up the garbage, the environment is beautiful, living is also comfortable.”Deng Heping, a villager, was delighted by the changes.▲ The 4-meter-wide village road has been widened to 5 meters, and green plants have been planted along the road.”The road into the village has been widened, driving is much safer, and agricultural products will travel more smoothly in the future.”Watching the traffic coming and going, the villagers sighed.▲ Clean and tidy farm yard.Wang Wei told reporters that at present, Huang Tian village is integrating resources and funds to promote rural “five governance” : “governance of housing”, comprehensive cleaning illegal construction and hollow housing, invigilation of rural idle housing resources;”Water control”, promote drinking water, domestic sewage, black and smelly water “three water treatment, so that the people drink the heart water;”Dirty treatment”, focusing on “dirty environment” and “dirty courtyard” and other problems, we have cleaned up 200 tons of village garbage.”Cure toilet”, hit dry toilet annihilation war, solve the problem of “small toilet, big people’s livelihood”, the whole village has changed toilet 580;The government advocates new arrangements for weddings, simple arrangements for funerals and no other arrangements, and resolutely rerules and customs such as grand arrangements, generous funerals and poor support, and social comparisons, gradually forming a new style of local customs and civilization in the new era.