The first show of the Year of the Tiger!Do not add to the premise is to win: meet Vietnam complete gold body to keep

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At 20:00 on February 1, Beijing time, The National football team will play Vietnam at mei Ting Stadium in Hanoi.Before the National football team and the Vietnamese team played 10 times, won a complete victory, although this guest war, but the coach Li Xiaopeng said that the first day of the New Year does not give the National football team, can achieve?After becoming the head coach of National football Team, Li Xiaopeng was asked many times about the competition situation between Japan and Vietnam during the Spring Festival. Li xiaopeng answered that he did not want to bring more difficulties to the fans during the Spring Festival.To put it bluntly, the defeat of The Japanese team is expected, while the result of the match with the Vietnamese team is really related to whether the National football team will add obstacles.Since 1960, The National football Team and Vietnam have met 10 times, including the 1997 World Preliminary round and the 2009-10 Asian preliminary round, with the National football team achieving a complete record.In the first round of the round of 12, China’s national football team beat Vietnam 3-2 in Sharjah thanks to wu Lei’s goal, achieving its 10th straight win against Vietnam.Since Li Xiaopeng said not to add to the blockage, it is the only option for the national football team to win when the national football team is basically out of the competition.But don’t add to it is not just lip service, Vietnam’s first three home games in the top 12, all are 0-1, in addition to facing the Japanese team in the downwind, Australia and Saudi Arabia have some luck, only get 3 points in away.Therefore, although the outside world is optimistic about Li Xiaopeng’s team’s triumphant return, in fact, to do this, Li Xiaopeng’s team has to play 200% spirit.In particular, The Vietnamese team has suffered seven consecutive defeats and has long targeted the Chinese team, hoping to stop the losing streak by the Chinese team. Moreover, The Chinese team is the only hope for the Vietnamese team to stop the losing streak and get points. Once the Chinese team can not get points, Park Hang-seo’s team may even suffer 10 consecutive defeats.