Do you know there used to be nanyuan Airport in Beijing

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As we all know, there is only one civil airport located within the fifth ring road of Beijing.”Junior year, I was on my way to catch a flight at 5 a.m.I thought the taxi driver was going to kidnap me and drag me to the wild.””To nanyuan airport to pick up my aunt, the road is rugged, there is a road like a flood, feel like the car into a boundless river.My old aunt from Hulunbuir muttered in bewilderment, “It’s almost the same here as Hailar!””I’ve only been to Nanyuan Airport once. It was magical and dreamlike.There is still a bus to transfer from Line 10 to Dahongmen, and a one-kilometer night road to get off. The terminal looks like a long-distance bus station in a second or third-tier city from a distance.Because of too much time delay, the plane did not catch up with the special ticket did not give me back, I bought a pack of cigarettes and coke in the roadside small bungalow convenience store, walk and walk on the bus and bounced back to the city.”Opposite namwon Terminal is a residential building.It is more like a small shop in front of the terminal than a specialty supermarket in Beijing.△ Waiting in line for a taxi?The bike shed protects you from the wind and rain.Almost untainted by modern civilization, Nanyuan airport takes you straight back to the 1990s.The mascot of Beijing is Lord Rabbit.▷ It looks like a table from the classic TV drama I Love My Family.It is rare to see fried dough sticks in plastic baskets.Instead of Starbucks and Xi Cha, homemade coffee and milk teas go better with instant noodles, liangpi and roasted sweet potatoes.There’s no DQ or Hagendas, and all the ice cream in the fridge comes from the Inner Mongolian steppe.Instead of Subway sandwiches, there is a stand near the boarding gate that makes tianjin jianbing.Namwon is the only airport in Korea that has a pancake stand.How can I prove you are in Namwon?”Eating hot pancakes on the plane.”Even the staff are orthodox state-owned style, holding the “airport is my home” attitude, never with you false polite.”Nanyuan airport management taxi uncle, eleven o ‘clock in the evening, even a queue-jumping are not put!””When I was trapped in Nanyuan during the heavy rain, they dealt with it by making me sleep on a conveyor belt.””When I was looking for water in the South Garden, my aunt said there were no paper cups, so I used paper bags to drink water.””Perhaps in order to cut the crap out of you at the security checkpoint, they created a solo exhibition in the queuing area using prohibited items.”Babao Congee, pen ink and Dabao SOD honey?▷ There is no one who dares to display these things.Despite the perennial delays, the airport announcer’s waist never softened: “Hello, due to the large number of planes, the airport all flights will be late, please have a rest, thank you.”Nanyuan Airport is the airport of the people.”It takes two minutes to get off the bus and get on the plane.”As the only airline qualified to take off and land at Nanyuan Airport, China United airlines served peanuts, pickles and pancakes on board before it was officially transformed into a low-cost airline, symbolizing Chinese folk characteristics!What’s more, there was no gap in the packaging of the peanuts, so I could not tear them. When I asked the air hostess, she directly replied, “Bite with your teeth!””You can see the stars at Nanyuan Airport!Lots of stars!See what I circled?!That’s a star!!”Last night, the last passenger flight KN5830 arrived in Daxing, marking the end of the 109-year-old Nanyuan Airport, the first airport in China’s history.The picture is from Tencent News live.But as one netizen put it: “It would be better if it could be transformed into a museum.”