Duke of The Jin Dynasty of Nanyang county

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The state of Nanyang in the Jin Dynasty was originally the vassal state of Sima Mo, the younger brother of Sima Yue. It had fourteen counties under its jurisdiction, Wan, Xie, Zhi, Luyang, 犨, Yuyang, Bowang, Duyang, Ye, Wuyin, Biyang, Niyang, Guanjun and Li.At the end of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, he became a vassal of Lu Zongzhi.Lu Zongzhi, font Yanren, Taifeng Yongzhou.From his native place, we can know that he did not belong to the Eastern Jin Dynasty.In fact, it was during the taiyuan period of Emperor Xiaowudi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty that he went south from Guanzhong to Xiangyang and became an official in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.In the first year of Yixi (405 AD), Liu Yu and others rebelled against Huan Xuan, and Lu Zong zhi joined Liu Yi’s army to attack Huan Xuan.Lu Zong was awarded yongzhou for his work, sealed xiao Cheng County hou, eat yi 1500 households.Later, he was promoted to pingbei general for his part in protecting Emperor Jin ‘an from jiangling donggui.In the eighth year of yixi (412 AD), Liu Yu and Liu Yi met each other at war.Lu Zong by virtue of war, was jin zhen North general, seal Nanyang county public, eat yi 2500 households, still town yongzhou.Three years later, Liu Yu prepared to get rid of The governor of Jingzhou, Sima Xiuzhi. This frightened Lu Zongzhi, who was not a direct descendant of Liu Yu, and they joined forces to fight against Liu Yu.As a result, the two men lost to Liu Yu and finally fled to Guanzhong, where they defected to Later Qin Yao Xing.In 416, Yao Xing ordered Lu Zongzhi to attack Xiangyang with his troops, but he fell ill and died on the way.