Jilin oil field: seven years of arduous journey to turn losses into profits

2022-04-29 0 By

Workers’ Daily client reporter Peng Bing correspondent Liu Hongbo On February 7, the reporter learned from Jilin oilfield that its newly released financial settlement data in January showed a profit of more than 160 million yuan, which means that after seven years of arduous journey, Jilin oilfield listed and unlisted business comprehensive loss.Among many oil and gas field enterprises in China, Jilin oilfield is a typical oil field with low permeability, low abundance and low production, with average daily oil production of only 0.6 tons.In particular, after 61 years of exploitation, the remaining resources are further inferior.Jilin oilfield has suffered losses for seven consecutive years due to the difficulties in finding high-quality resources, stabilizing productive output, disposing of non-performing assets, controlling investment costs and settling surplus employees.”The resource endowment is not good, destined we must pay more than others!”In the face of difficulties and challenges, Jilin Oilfield adopts multi-dimensional policy and multi-pronged approach to release the innovative power and efficiency of all staff, and makes solid progress step by step in the battle to win the “double loss”.Oil and water Wells account for the highest proportion of assets in Jilin oilfield. Resolving the contradiction of low production and low efficiency of oil and water Wells is the key to solve the “contradiction of assets”.For this reason, Jilin oilfield has been deepening reform in development management and promoting the marketization of engineering and technical team.Since 2015, the construction cost of production capacity of one million tons has been cut by 30 percent, and the full capacity of production capacity has increased from 70 percent to 90 percent.In view of the difficulty in finding new high-quality resources, Jilin oilfield has vigorously carried out technological innovation and actively deepened the exploration of potential in old areas.For example, by vigorously developing fracture network and other characteristic fracturing technologies, the economic recoverable reserves have been increased by more than 500,000 tons every year, and the reserve-production balance coefficient has been raised from once negative to more than 1.Through the implementation of fine water injection, the comprehensive water cut in the company’s business area has not risen for 5 consecutive years, creating the best level in history.In terms of exploration, Jilin Oilfield innovated the idea of finding oil in source rocks to help make breakthroughs in tight oil and gas exploration. In 2021, proved reserves of natural gas in Dehui Fault depression will reach 10 billion cubic meters.In the control of costs, Jilin oilfield also did not less “ruthless” efforts.With the help of the self-developed oil and gas cost calculation model, the company implemented the “one block, one strategy” and reduced oil and gas cost by 660 million yuan in 2021 alone.At the same time, Jilin oilfield also established an invalid well evaluation model to find out the break-even point of more than 25,000 Wells one by one, making 1,571 invalid Wells manifest, and creating an efficiency of 80 million yuan through “one well, one policy” treatment of invalid Wells.In 2021, more than 500 ineffective Wells were shut down and “bleeding spots” stopped.In addition, aiming at the problem of surplus staff, the company’s internal labor market through perfecting oilfield, tap the internal potential, expand social placement channels of employment, to a great extent, solves the “workers” and “lower capacity and per capita effect”, the contradiction of the date, jilin oilfield external market staff has reached more than 4400 people.Since 2021, Jilin Oilfield has started a new prelude to high-quality development centering on the strategic layout of “three parts under the world” of crude oil, natural gas and new energy. On the basis of increasing reserves and producing crude oil, it will stabilize local natural gas production and accelerate the development of shale gas in southern Sichuan. It plans to produce 5 billion cubic meters of gas per year by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan.At the same time, it will vigorously promote green and low-carbon transformation, actively build green industrial structure and low-carbon energy supply system, promote the integrated development of wind, light, geothermal and waste heat, and form a low-cost characteristic construction model of Jilin.Standing at a new starting point, all the cadres and staff of Jilin Oil Field are working together to initiate a new entrepreneurial journey.