Jinan has been listed cold chain food overall safety and reliability

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On the afternoon of January 26, the press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Jinan was informed that 33 enterprises selling cold chain goods from key regions of other countries in Jinan weikang Market were immediately investigated, controlled and sealed up, and sampled for testing.At present, except for the three positive goods that have been found to be involved in sales, the other detected goods are all qualified, and the cold chain food on the market in Jinan is generally safe and reliable.According to the investigation, the cargo of three yang-related enterprises in Jinan was transported by two confirmed cases.In terms of goods, up to now, a total of 255 pieces of goods have been handled in 7 batches.Among them, 107 pieces were sold and 148 pieces were sealed up. The sold goods were respectively shipped to Jinan, Heze, Weifang, Lianyungang and Tianjin. A list has been listed and a letter of assistance has been issued.In terms of personnel, truck drivers, porters, unpacking workers and other personnel in direct contact shall be closely connected, and nucleic acid testing shall be carried out for sales and other personnel.On January 25, the nucleic acid test results of the remaining 30 companies’ goods stored in Vilcon were all negative.On January 26, nucleic acid tests were carried out again.At the same time, Jinan will track the flow of goods sold from key epidemic areas in other countries. At present, a total of 5941 pieces of goods have been tracked in 40 batches, including 1675 pieces in stock and 4266 pieces in sale. The flow of goods is being traced.We have identified 115 high-frequency contacts and are conducting nucleic acid tests in accordance with “two tests in three days”.In addition to the above 33 enterprises, Ji ‘nan also on the wellkang market of other enterprises in the platoon.No enterprise has been found to be handling cold chain goods from key epidemic areas outside China since January 1, 2022.At present, all the detected goods are qualified, except for those in key areas of the epidemic in other areas.The imported cold chain food entering the market is qualified by special warehouse prevention and elimination and detection. Jinan has been listed cold chain food is generally safe and reliable.In addition, Jinan is organizing the city’s cold chain enterprises dragnet large investigation.As of 12 o ‘clock on January 26, 26,780 cold chain units had been inspected, including 1,725 cold storage units, 103 imported goods from key areas affected by the epidemic, and 3,480.5 pieces of sealed goods. The goods purchased from key areas affected by the epidemic, their flow direction and personnel situation are being traced, and simultaneous sampling and nucleic acid testing have been arranged.Disclaimer: The above content is transferred from other media, the relevant information is only for the purpose of conveying more information, does not represent the views of this website, nor does it mean that this website agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of the content.If the manuscript copyright units or individuals do not want to be published in this network, you can contact this network, this network can be immediately removed according to the situation.