Zhengzhou resumed inter-provincial long-distance passenger routes from February 5

2022-04-29 0 By

Zhengzhou, Xinhua News Agency, February 5 (li Peng)According to the latest information from zhengzhou COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters on Monday, Zhengzhou has optimized and adjusted the measures of expressways and long-distance passenger transport policies on inter-provincial highways in view of the clearance of medium-high risk areas and the arrival of the peak traffic flow during the Spring Festival.These adjustments include: Starting from February 4, only one driver and passenger will be allowed to check the travel code of vehicles with license plates in Henan Province. Green vehicles without star labels can pass directly, while those with star labels must continue to check their health codes one by one.Double-code (travel code, health code) certificate (negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours) shall be checked for all drivers and passengers of vehicles with license plates outside Henan Province.Separate health code checks for affected cities such as Tianjin, Dalian and Anyang will be cancelled.At the same time, in order to meet the needs of the vast number of passengers returning home and restore the order of public transport in an orderly manner, Zhengzhou has resumed inter-provincial long-distance passenger routes since February 5 (except the districts, counties and cities in medium-high risk areas).Review of coordinating editor: Chen Yuyao | : li zhen | director: jun-wei wan (source: Xinhua News Agency)