The South Korean Winter Olympics delegation held a press conference only speaking Korean, gas ran foreign media, Korean media: lose face big

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According to south Korean media reported on February 8, local time, after the complaint was international HuaLian dismissed, the Korean sports club on the morning of the held an emergency press conference, said South Korea decided to short track speed skating athletes of the so-called “suffered unfair decisions” to resort to international sports arbitration court, and protested to the international Olympic committee President Bach.At the press conference, there was an operation that left South Korean journalists speechless. There were no interpreters at the conference, and the audience could only communicate in Korean. Some foreign journalists left the conference angrily after their repeated inquiries were ignored.Some questioned whether the press conference was a special Korean edition.South Korean media reported the SBS “Korean sports club at the press conference for no translation criticism” on February 8, 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the Korean sports club games main media center held a press conference in Beijing, said South Korea decided to short track speed skating athletes of the so-called “suffered unfair decisions” to resort to international sports arbitration court, and protested to the international Olympic committee President Bach.Yoon Hong-geun, head of the Korean sports delegation, said at a press conference that he had arranged a meeting with Bach through a Korean member of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee, and that the committee would strongly demand the IOC to prevent such an inappropriate situation from happening again.Yoon added that the sports association will take all possible measures to take the “unfair decision” to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in accordance with relevant procedures.When Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea was fouled in the semifinals, the Korea Sports Association (KSA) claimed that the referee misjudged the Posture of the Chinese player as a conflict with Hwang and disqualified Hwang.South Korean contestant Li Junrui also sentenced to foul, sports club more said the problem on “Hungarian and Chinese player”, “according to the video I get (we video and TV video), the fourth Chinese player to touch the Hungarian left hip, and push the action, make the Hungary’s center of gravity produces the shaking and into the inner circle,Then he fell down and clashed with Lee.”In response to calls by some South Korean Internet users and politicians to withdraw the south Korean delegation in protest, Yoon also said that with many games remaining, taking all possible measures while enabling the athletes to perform well was the best solution at the moment.Yoon Hong-geun, head of South Korea’s sports delegation, from Yonhap News Agency, however, to the dismay of the reporters present, there was no interpreter at the press conference, the audience could only communicate in Korean.According to Yonhap news Agency, some foreign media journalists complained about this, “how can I understand without translation?””After repeated questions were ignored, he angrily left the stage.This south Korean reporters are also anxious, have put forward a protest.A hostage at the scene asked, It is important to communicate with foreign media about such an important event. Don t you have translators?However, Yoon did not answer and the host asked the reporter to ask again, but the reporter continued to ask about the arrangement of the translator and stressed that some foreign journalists had already left the stage in protest.As the voices of discontent grew, an official of the Korea Sports Council explained that the press conference was arranged on an urgent basis, so there was no time to prepare a translator. Instead, he would translate yoon s remarks and provide them to the foreign media.”Refrain from mentioning China without an interpreter…How effective is the press conference?'” However, Korean journalists in the audience were not impressed. One reporter pointed out, “The Korea Sports Council doesn’t even have anyone who can speak English. Shouldn’t it be prepared in advance?”Some questioned whether it was necessary to let the international community know that this was an international incident.Officials of the Korea Sports Council (KSOC) were at a loss as to how to respond to the barrage of reporters.”The nature of this emergency press conference is not ‘for external use’ but ‘for domestic use’ for The Korean people,” Yonhap news agency said in its report.Wikitree, a Korean website, said, There is no such person.The article could not be found at the moment.China’s Ren Ziwei won the gold medal in the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating final at the Winter Olympic Games on Feb 7, while Li Wenlong finished second and took the silver.South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon was penalized in the semifinal in group 1, and Hungary’s Liu Shao-lin was also disqualified for a yellow card.Men compete in the men’s 1000m short track speed skating event of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 7, 2018.After the race, the Korean delegation strongly protested to the chairman of the short track Speed Skating Judges Committee and sent a letter of protest to the International Skating Union and the International Olympic Committee against the unfair decision.In a statement on its website on Sunday, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation (ISU) rejected the south Korean team’s appeal over hwang dae-heon’s penalty in the 1,000m semifinal.At the same time also rejected Hungary team liu Shaolin was sentenced to appeal.The International Skating Federation issued a statement on July 7