67-year-old Opera died of pancreatic cancer.He died of illness for only six months.

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Suddenly sad news, 67 years old famous opera bone due to pancreatic cancer unfortunately died, and in that he was sick to die, this process only half a year or so, the old opera bone once played “temptation to go home” product such as dad, named Bago.After Bago’s death, his family revealed details of his death, so that countless fans like him sad, bago’s illness for six months in the end what unknown things?According to his family, according to walk the dog died very peacefully, without suffering, and before that, the dog had arranged his affairs, it is reported that Pakistan is six months ago because of poor health, found himself cancer in the hospital, after the suffering from pain, but always strong face.On the night of his death, Bago’s condition was painful. At the end of his life, Bago opened his mouth and could not speak. Bago’s eldest brother said to Bago, “If there is anything, my brother can help you solve it, and the child has grown up, don’t worry.Speaking of actor Bago, we may not be too familiar with, but as an old drama bone, Bago was originally a child star, has been in the industry for more than 60 years, starred in “the distance between us and evil”, “Wan Jun cousin” and other classic drama.And for the mainland audience’s favorite play, it should be the role of the “temptation to go home”, in the play, The role of Bago is Lin Pinru’s father, although not much, but superb acting or harvest a lot of audience love.In addition to being an actor, Bago is also an excellent host, having won the Golden Bell Award for best variety show host three times.After the Lure of Going Home, She returned to her family and retired from the entertainment industry in 2019.Bago has four children and a loving wife. His family have all emigrated to live abroad, but Bago is reluctant to leave his hometown and live his post-retirement life alone at home.I just didn’t expect that Bago died after only a few years of happy life in his old age. I hope bago goes well and there is no sorrow in heaven.# Bago passed away