As a new channel for Chengde cooperation, Zhongjiang is pushing forward chengde’s integration at the right time

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Since 2021, Zhongjiang County, Deyang City, has fully implemented the central government’s strategic deployment on promoting the construction of chengdu-Chongqing Double-city economic circle, actively implemented the spirit of the seventh and eighth plenary sessions of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, promoted the strategic deployment of “one branch, multiple branches, five districts coordination”, and focused on building a new chengdu-Chengdu corridor.Further promote chengde city integration in order to enhance the advantages in the common polar core and enhance the energy level in the integration of the main trunk.Cicc, fast-track nakae, JTG county magistrate held two sessions, around the border improve the industrial economic development planning, integration development, inter-city transportation network, e-government service inter-district backlog items, quality service resource sharing and collaborative development, new town and huai kai states new ecological environment coordinated management mechanism in key areas such as,We will focus on joint planning, joint construction of facilities, joint management of government affairs, sharing of services, common prosperity of industries, and joint governance of ecology. We will make every effort to promote cooperation on urban integration, and promote the development of urban integration in multiple areas., gold two county magistrate in the negotiations the two counties to deepen cooperation matters in recent years, its fruitful cooperation, and jointly signed the fusion and gold in the lantern industry demonstration projects to speed up the border region integration development cooperation agreement, lanterns industrial convergence development demonstration garden in gold as border ChengDeMei information fusion development demonstration pilot project of the first batch of high-quality goods inspection third prize;The Framework Agreement on Deepening Regional Cooperation and Promoting Coordinated Development was signed between Kaizhou New City and Eastern New Area of Chengdu, and steady progress was made in the construction of chengdu-Chongqing High-efficiency characteristic Agricultural Belt cooperation demonstration park.United Jintang, Britain, three Taiwan launched three tourist routes.Public services are more convenient. Cicc signed the agreement on general service items, realizing 115 items of “Chengde Eyebrow Investment general service”.We have set up seven special Windows for cross-regional services, enabling mutual recognition of housing provident funds, medical insurance, and pensions.It promoted job information sharing and held “Zhongjiang-Jintang Talent Cooperation Network Job Fair” for 12 times, providing more than 5,000 jobs.Actively mobilized 12 key industrial enterprises, such as Zhongjiang Hong Power generation Sound, Kaida Door Industry and Yadu Furniture, to participate in “Chengdu-Chongqing Region eight party collaborative Construction of world-class advanced equipment manufacturing industrial cluster and local Products (Deyang) promotion Meeting”., gold in the next step, “the two counties will be targets of synthetic energy, action synchronization easily the resilience, career with dry, further refinement of policy measures, the full implementation of capital projects, the whole life cycle of enterprise project services, opening the sprint, sprint racing, ran out of the acceleration, bloom ‘new’ appearance, shuangcheng economic circle inter-city cooperation model in chongqing region,To help the economic and social development of The two counties, and promote chengde to achieve a new leap in the development of the city.”Zhongjiang County hair change bureau director Zhang Hui full of confidence.(Chen huawei
Zeng Jinlong sichuan Economic Network reporter Zhong Zhengyou article/photo)