Dream west tour: the sky really can drop pie, players hit dizzy god tiger with gold ingot home

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Fantastic journey to the West is staged every day wonderful anecdotes.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!This five-open player spent days on the loop.Today, he finally could not help but go to the Spring Festival integral changed into gold ingot, and then went to the god animal paradise with gold and silver ingot hit god tiger.Each number can only be exchanged for 3 gold ingots, and there are 15 gold ingots in total with 5 numbers.Originally he also did not hold any hope, more than his yuanbao players have plenty of, hit the god beast how also less than their ah, but when he used up the fourth gold ingot, incredibly hit the god tiger dizzy, and then caught.At the same time, a message popped up.At that time he still couldn’t believe his eyes, how could so easily get a valuable god beast?Until he opened the system again slowly check the message when he found that he was really in the god beast.A: wow!It turns out there really is pie in the sky.He really hit the god beast!!Just with NetEase consistent style, but also wait for a half moon to be able to get.This period of waiting days is very suffering, but also very happy.Congratulations to the dog to get a tiger god sent by Santa Claus Ding Lei.When a player washed out one of these mutated drums, he felt very sorry and dissatisfied.Ask the others if they want to wash it again in a big bottle…Good guy, xiaobian checked this bosom friend for him, in addition to the attack qualification and physical qualification is not full, other qualifications almost reached the limit, and growth is also the highest.Full skill.Beat into full red even will suck the night steal god, the usual task is enough, there is no need to tangle that not full 200 points of attack qualification, and can eat attack yuanxiao.And this whole body blue voice, the level of appearance is also a lot higher.It must be more beautiful after advanced.Female Song Tiezhu no level of machete small make up to see this call Song Tiezhu player, and his wife inside the game to share to create a level of happiness, the in the mind was actually a sour taste, this kind of happiness is to buy with money.In fact, the dream journey to the West has not completely changed, there are a lot of initial feeling in it.There is no need to be secretly sad.