Eat hairy crab with red wine after the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger

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The end of the first trading day of tiger year, everybody gathers in the evening in a friend’s home, host had arranged tea to entertain everybody in the sitting room first, good white tea gives out a continuously green sweet, tea of all kinds foil gives thick New Year flavour.Outside the window, there is a rare cold wind blowing in the northern Fujian mountain city, but inside the room, there is a warm and lively atmosphere.All present here are the best retail investors in minbei Mountain city.From theory to practice, we all have a profound accumulation.Several of them are already big shots.Having developed their own tactics and models, many of them have made a fortune in the past year.Tonight, everyone was in high spirits, talking about stocks and gold, summing up the achievements of the past year, looking forward to the grand plan of the New Year, talking and piling up, laughing constantly.Trading is extremely hard, and very few survive and thrive.With more than 20 years of trading career and several ups and downs, Mr. W has formed a very stable profit model and is a leader in the trading circle of Shancheng.Several others are also respected figures.The climax of the party came, the host in the restaurant put out the most luxurious feast: white fried prawns, steamed hairy crab, bubble claw, red wine!Is really like-minded, beautiful moments, pleasant things!He quarrels with his fellow men, not with fools.Trading trip is lonely, there are a few friends grow together, harvest together is the happiness of life!