Peking University Third Hospital in 2022 graduates statistics, a total of 43 Peking University graduates!

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Peking University Third Hospital’s enrollment list for 2022 graduates (I), a total of 43 Peking University graduates!I have to say that THE third Hospital of Peking University is really amazing. This time, it has received 100 graduates in total, 85 of whom graduated from double-first-class universities, accounting for 85%.Other universities are also almost all capital Medical University, such as the domestic key medical schools.According to the education statistics, this year’s students received 46 doctorate;26 masters;28 undergraduate students;According to the statistics of graduated schools, the number of graduated schools of the recruited personnel is as follows:1, 2, 43 people of Peking University, Beijing university of Chinese medicine 25 people 3, 4, 15 people to the capital university of medical sciences, Peking union medical college 6 people 2 5, Beijing university of technology, the Chinese people’s liberation army medical school 2, 7, 1 person 8 Beijing national accounting institute, Beijing sports university 1 person 1 9, Beijing university of science and technology information 10 1 11 people, fudan university, Harbin medical university1 from Tsinghua University 1 from Chongqing Medical University 13. According to the statistics by gender, 73 of the graduates are female and 27 are male.So we say what to read useless, the key unit degree is the stepping-stone.Most people wouldn’t even make it up the stairs without it.