Devil knife on the woman’s neck, forced eight whereabouts, villagers shouted: can’t kill her!

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One day in 1941, in a village of Anguo County, Hebei Province, a Howling Japanese ran up to a woman and raised a foreign sword. With a flash of cold light, he put the sword on the woman’s neck…When the people gathered nearby saw that the Devil was going to kill her, they shouted in unison: “You can’t kill her!Don’t kill her! ‘The sound shook the field.01 Devil butcher’s knife this is when an Guo county a people had written the devil to wipe out the real plot of the village, from which we can see that the people of Jizhong in the Japanese devil butcher’s knife, did not yield!Today let me share this transcript: it was just before dawn and I was sleeping sweetly.Suddenly there was a howl like a Wolf: “Hurry to the meeting!”I woke up from my dream, got out of bed, and tried to escape, but I couldn’t.Because the village was surrounded on all sides by the enemy, and the streets were full of the enemy, they had to go to the street to have a meeting under the whip of the enemy.Several women with children in their hands arrived late.The devil pointed his sword at them and shouted, “You, why are you late for the meeting?Dead dead have!”Just then another woman slowly approached.The devil howled and ran up to the woman with his sword. With a flash of cold light, the sword lay on the woman’s neck.When the people saw that the Devil was going to kill her, they shouted in unison: “You can’t kill her!Don’t kill her! ‘In order to buy people, the devil took the knife back.Although the cries of the people, let the enemy take back the butcher’s knife, but in more cases, the Devil is afraid to murder, and this will only increase the hatred of the people.02 after the devil ruined ×× village in an article entitled “after the devil ruined ×× village”, the author is described as follows: the devil left the ×× village after they were burned and killed, climbed back to wang Ba Wo Raoyang city.In the village head of the wheat field, the golden wheat, burned into a pile of black ash;Most of the uncut wheat in the field had been burned.The house was still burning and black smoke was rising into the sky.The whole village was enveloped in thick black smoke.The streets are in a mess.The house’s belongings were thrown on the floor in confusion.Several young women, lying in pools of scarlet blood;Several dying old men, still groaning on the ground…Fleeing villagers returned to their burned homes, their frightened faces filled with incomparably angry hatred.The children clenched their hammer-like fists and their eyes shone like lamps: “Fuck, catch the electrons, eat their flesh, drink their blood…”The old man held out his hand. “Damn it, kill them both again with a cherai knife!”The youths said angrily, “Revenge!Young people to join the Eighth Route Army!””We can’t live a peaceful life without killing the devils!”In those days, the people of Jizhong, whether male or female, were always young, everyone had a tone of heroic spirit, the little devil has come?We’ll fight him, and if we can’t fight him, we’ll run.Those of you who haven’t run, call the meeting and we’ll go.Let us betray the country, kill also don’t do, kill it, burn it.Old people say that the people of Central Hebei are really determined to fight with the Devils.The worst is death, isn’t it burning the house, robbing, killing, what else?The Devil does not let us live a good life, we must be happy.Therefore, the Devil “mopping up” during the day, literacy classes were still open at night, almost every village had drama clubs, an old man recalled: “The word singing everywhere, it was during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.The environment is so cruel, but still singing.We sing at meetings, we sing at work, we sing when we drill in the ground, and after a battle, we sing even more.”Can’t die, the man must be happy, must resist Japan!Death also refuse to accept, improper subjugation!The old people said that the hearts of the people at that time were just like those of an anti-Japanese song: we grew up here, every inch of land is our own, if anyone tries to seize it, we will fight to the death with him!Jizhong people optimistically regarded the Japanese mopping up as a “regular drill”.”Fight to the end” and “regular drill”, these words are full of contempt for the Devil and optimistic spirit, but it also slowly formed a thinking pattern, think that the devil “mopping up” such a big deal, the ground wet after the rain, nothing great.Therefore, it is easy to become numb and relaxed, not nervous, and become less sensitive to the enemy’s new appearance and new trend.Kill people, set fires, we’ve seen it all, what else do we do?By 1942, the Anti-Japanese War had lasted for five or six years, and the people had become familiar with and understood the Japanese soldiers instead of being unfamiliar and afraid of them.The Japanese cruel, but let the people in Jizhong chest!Before the introduction of the 17-year-old Jizhong hero Liu Ying, with a spear spear stabbed a devil squad long “back door”, killed it, and later also took the devil into the guerrillas laid in advance of the minefield, nowhere does not reflect the fearless spirit of the war of resistance.Record history and remember revolutionary martyrs!Salute the heroes of Jizhong!Reference materials: “Devil into the village five a mop up record”.Welcome friends to leave a message forward, pay attention to support.