Handed in the homework, the only dissatisfied is the kitchen, with 10 thousand less than, is worth?

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Handed in the homework, the only dissatisfied is the kitchen, the person is in the field result when I come back to stick white ceramic tile to me, angry dead.Is it worth less than $100,000?I bought my own materials and had them done.Latex paint in every room, cream coffee, roses, moonwalk, horseshoes.Let’s get some sunshine!Guest dining-room an organic whole, the space of the sitting room is smaller, sofa is bought big, placed a tea table again next, the feeling is good occupy a space.The living room walls are space walk ash.TV ark is custom-made, this door model feels a bit is not straight, housetop is white emulsive paint.Dining-room, enter a door namely dining-room, also did not do ark of what shoe so, enter a door cabinet of one side directly, become shoe ark to use already, also become ark of eat side to use.Kitchen, kitchen space is ok, not too small!100 thousand in addition to electrical appliances, the whole house cabinets are also included, so this 100 thousand is not also loaded very valuable?Are simple, ok, comfort yourself, better than renting, do not have to pay rent every month.Seal the balcony spent 1000 much, very cheap, ambry spent 6000 only, these contain the charge of 100 thousand miles face.