Free!Cost!Hair!!!!Another round of coupons!

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Good news!On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued free ice and snow consumption vouchers a lot of snow resorts and scenic spots free consumption vouchers!Cost!Hair!!!!!Hurry to look at the following information move small hands open rob!!Registration time: Feb.10 — Feb.15, 2022 Drawing time: Feb.15, 2022 Participation 1.Enter “JI Travel” wechat official account, click the menu bar below “free tickets”;2. Citizens can choose one ski resort ticket and one scenic spot ticket from 11 ice and snow enterprises on the page, that is, choose two kinds of ticket products to participate in the lucky draw;3. If you have registered for the first four periods and have not won, you will have a chance to choose again.4. Click “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to enter the registration page;5. This activity is for real-name participation. Users should fill in their real name, contact number, ID card number and other information to participate in this activity;6. Each lucky user will be randomly selected on each lucky drawing day, and each lucky user will win 1 ticket (i.e. 1 ticket among the 2 tickets selected by random drawing users). The winning result will be notified by SMS after 17:00 on the drawing day.1. Ski Resort: Beidahu Ski Resort, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, Changbai Mountain Wanda International Resort, Lianhua Mountain Shimao Ski Resort 2.Scenic spots Changbai Mountain Scenic Spot, Changchun Jingyuetan Scenic Spot, Dunhua Liuding Mountain Scenic Spot, Piyan Mountain Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot, Changying Old Site Museum, Goguryeo Cultural Relics scenic spot, Longwan Group National Forest ParkTo participate in this activity, please fill in your real information (under 18 is not allowed to participate).2. Previous registrants of this activity have one chance to modify, and can choose again according to the above participation method;Repeat registration is not allowed after filling in the registration information. The existence of either mobile phone number + ID number means repeated registration.3. This activity cannot be repeated, the winner will not participate in the next lucky draw;4. For better reception service, please use the free coupon 3 working days after receiving the notification of winning the prize.Fast forward to remind friends and relatives!Get together!Source: Palm Changchun wechat editor: Liang Shuang