Tianjin to build an international consumer center city

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“To stimulate market vitality, release consumption potential, aiming at the goal of being an international consumer center city and a regional business center city, Tianjin has made precise efforts and accelerated progress, and actively integrated into the new development pattern with the domestic major cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycle promoting each other.”At this year’s Two sessions of Tianjin, the most talked about by the representatives is how to cultivate and build an international consumer center city, how to improve the city’s global influence competitiveness reputation.Hexi district, the core of Tianjin’s central urban area, covers an area of 48 square kilometers and has a population of one million, said Hu Xueming, deputy secretary of Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress, Hexi District Party Committee and District head.District vientiane city, friendship store, red star us triumphant dragon, vanguard and other large commercial, super, sells 30, has completed the cultural center of international commercial blocks, and yue hui sports theme night economic blocks, small white floor business center, liberation south road home business district, dagu south road restaurant – commercial blocks such as business, travel, and entertainment, the fusion of fashion consumption business circle;Subway Line 1, Line 5, Line 6 and the subway lines under construction line 8, Line 10, line 11 run through the whole region, and there are subway stations in all the major fashion business circles, the transportation is convenient.Hu Xueming said hexi district efforts to create a landmark international consumer core business circle.”Support MixC to vigorously develop ‘first-store economy’ and ‘first-store economy’, take advantage of the location of cultural center to introduce ‘first-store’ projects such as international brand flagship stores, accelerate the construction of global new product launch sites, optimize landscape lighting design, build high-end display scenes, and guide international luxury brands to launch and display activities on a regular basis.The ‘first product’, ‘first show’ and ‘first show’ are regularly and large-scale, and simultaneously broadcast online, forming a strong appeal for international consumption.”During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, Hexi District will try its best to build five city brands of Innovative Hexi, Dynamic Hexi, Civilized Hexi, resilient Hexi and happy Hexi, focusing on creating a spatial layout of “one core, two axes, three centers and multiple points support”, improving the development quality of modern industrial system supported by multiple industries, and actively building a new development pattern.”Promote the innovative development of the commerce and trade industry, develop the first-store economy, old-store economy, back-street economy and night-time economy, create the ‘most fashionable’ shopping atmosphere and a ‘vibrant city’, and become an important part of the regional trade center city and the international consumer center city.”Hu xueming said.Sun Jiannan, deputy of Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy Secretary of Nankai District Party Committee and District Governor, said that in 2021, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council approved Tianjin and other five cities to take the lead in the cultivation and construction of international consumption center city. Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Government have formulated a series of policies and measures, and are sparing no effort to build a landmark business district with global influence.Constantly improve tianjin’s global influence competitiveness and reputation.This year’s work report of the municipal government once again clearly points out that it is necessary to actively cultivate and build an international consumer center city and speed up the construction of an international landmark business circle, which will provide a rare historical opportunity for Nankai to actively integrate into the international and domestic double cycle, promote a higher level of opening-up and cultivate new economic growth points.As tianjin nankai district of downtown core, “an ancient city, the two prime ministers, three school” is the most significant identity, homesickness is six hundred tianjin city memory origin, cultural heritage deep, strong domestic demand power, richly contain commercial trade genes, with ancient culture street, a batch of high degree of identity, such as Joy City high clearer defect display city “symbol”,It has the foundation and advantage of cultivating and constructing international consumption center city.Since last year, we held on to the construction of powerful international consumer center city, combining with the nankai district advantage and resource endowment, focus on the direction of “international”, stick to the core “consumption”, highlight the key “center”, introduced a number of measures, the key to build residences “travel” and water Olympic sports promotion “business headquarters” two concentrated area,High standard construction of landmark business district.The cultural landmark business district of ancient Culture Street, which has profound heritage, is the key node of Tianjin to build “Nine business districts with nine axes” and the core carrying area of the international consumer center city.Nankai district in pilot cities for the second batch of national culture and tourist consumption as an opportunity to start the global tourism demonstration area construction, do well the sea water culture, this article use the good with unique cultural, commercial, continue to the drum tower, ancient culture street for overall ascension, as the ancient culture street into the fashionable element, make old city to glow the new vitality.Nankai District insists on an international vision, tells the story of Nankai well, and strives to build a cultural consumption industrial cluster with the cross-border integration of “culture + science and technology” and “tradition + modern”. It activates “Intangible cultural Heritage” and time-honored IP with fashion elements and digital technology, and gathers popularity, business spirit and wealth spirit, becoming an important focal point for tourism consumption in Tianjin.The modern landmark business district with fashionable vitality, such as the water Olympic Sports, is a name card and a window of Tianjin to the outside world, with large crowds and popular. It integrates modern fashion, sports and youthful vitality, reflecting the prosperity and prosperity of a modern metropolis.Relying on the Olympic sports center, tianjin nankai district stadium and the Olympic swimming diving carrier, focus on developing competition performance, fitness entertainment, sports training, sports tourism, shopping and so on health industry, makes the collection of competitive sports, mass sports, tourism, leisure shopping center is equal to the integration of sports leisure consumption.At the same time relying on Joy City, yanlord isetan, luneng taishan city commercial complex pull effect, to develop the economy, starting the first shop, fashion consumption, actively introducing concept of brand stores, flagship store, shop, build distinct themes, high-end commercial complexes with regional influence, promote quality capacity, enhance the aggregate level, optimizing consumption environment,To form a landmark business circle with brands, goods and customers.District party committee, vice secretary of tianjin municipal people’s congress, peace, warden Zheng Weiming said that during the period of “difference”, “peace is expected to new business area of 600000 square metre, plans a total investment of 10 billion yuan, mainly includes: peace impression city project, through a comprehensive upgrade to incorporate it into a business and the trend of the social hub, art, culture, tourism, fashion.Guojin Shopping Center project will be built into a high-end brand shopping center in the northern region.Jinyao Plaza project is planned to become a new generation of high-end shopping plaza, further extending jinjie to the west, and becoming another dynamic consumer business circle in the downtown area.Zhonghai Duolun Road project will be built into an international consumer center city, another important carrier.In terms of creating the “Foreign building Culture” consumption card of Fifth Avenue, Heping District will follow the function positioning of “world-renowned historical and cultural block, a town of international architecture combining Chinese and Western elements, and a high-quality and new enterprise headquarters base”, and combine the construction work of national 5A tourist scenic spot.To build the Fifth Avenue Cultural tourism Area into a world-class tourist destination and an “international meeting room” open to the outside world in Tianjin.Heping district will vigorously develop “foreign building economy”.Make full use of the resources of small foreign buildings, link with tai ‘an Road jiefang North Road, Central Garden and other areas, and rely on the comparative advantages of Education and medical care in Heping District to build characteristic headquarters economic cluster.At the same time, promote the integrated development of business, tourism and culture.With Minyuan Square as the core, xiannongda, Minyuan Xili and Qingwangfu as nodes, relying on cultural exhibition halls and former residences of celebrities, the “story of foreign buildings” is well told, immersive experience projects are developed, new consumption IP is created, and the industrial level is constantly improved.To improve the quality of the night economy of fifth Avenue, further extend the tour time, enrich the scene of night tour, night shopping, night entertainment, night market and other scenes, create a multi-dimensional experience space, and strive to create a “night landmark” with fireworks, tianjin flavor, fashion and international style.(Fu Yongjun, Editor of Jinyun News)