Weima January sales into a mystery, caught in the “lock”, negative continued to start the New Year failure

2022-05-03 0 By

In February, 2016, major car companies announced their car sales in January early, with the delivery volumes of Xiaopeng, NIO, Ideal, Nezha and Zero Running cars being 12,900, 9,652, 12,300, 11,000 and 8,085 respectively.However, once the new energy car big brother Weimar has no news, until the middle of February has not seen its release of the corresponding sales data, which can not help but lead to speculation, Weimar can not?Stuck with a lot of negative sales?Or is it just because weimar motor has a long holiday, the staff is not at work, and the data is not ready?At that time, Shen Hui of Weimar sent a letter “Weimar home letter”. Shen Hui wrote: “Let’s fight like The Chinese women’s football team, with a hundred points of light, shine a thousand points of heat”.What is the Chinese Women’s football Team?Never give up, in the face of more difficult adversity, Chinese women’s football team never give up, do “sonorous bloom”.And so is Weima?Sure, as Shen Hui said, Weimar “never give up”, never admit the problems of its products in the face of negative market, never care about consumer feedback, and never give up making cars even if the cars are not good and the service is not good.Perhaps, Wei Ma is taking the road of tube build regardless of repair.One of the earliest new energy vehicles into the car enterprise, now let many consumers chill, more or less some tenacious “do not give up”.Think of all the spontaneous combustion incidents. What did Wilma do?The January 4 fever at its peak forced it to recall some of its vehicles, though Vima also candidly admitted that the battery was faulty.But did not take long, Wei Ma staged the drama of the secret Chen Cang, was found by the owner, the lock switch storm at a time, was criticized.It has to be said that Weima is still very “clever”, through the launch of the “New Year user special activity”, free check vehicles and give 200 yuan jingdong card to attract owners into the shop inspection, and then secretly started the operation of “electricity lock”.Finally drove car owners to chilling, collective rights, at the time of the owner of the feedback, they have informed wei ma needs to solve the problem and reply, but the other party does not handle arrogance, drove you to put the occurrence of the incident released on the Internet, then slowly developed into a “lock switch”, give enough time, but big deceit small store does not handle, also no wonder that owners were disappointed.Looking back on the whole incident, Wilma did not make a lot of sense, although you locked the electricity for battery safety is a big reason, after all, car spontaneous combustion incidents have made people become frightened birds, mention Wilma think of spontaneous combustion.But why do you sneak around and fix the battery or the car instead of the user?If it were not for the network age, there are many channels for voice, I am afraid that “locking the switch” would become a pending case, deleting posts, deleting comments and dissolving after-sales groups, so that Weimar could do it openly.However, the current situation of WeIMar is not only due to the lock of electricity, but also a variety of negative concentrated influences, leading to weimar cars in the complaints list of The quality of car.Originally good big Brother, and finally become old fans feel chill car enterprises, Weimar is true, especially to see a screenshot on the Internet, showing that weimar EX5 user satisfaction is only 1 point, the manufacturer’s response rate of 0%, can not help but make people think, how far can such enterprises go?At the beginning of 2022, Weima’s sales volume was invisible. Perhaps due to various negative influences, the sales data was not good, so it was afraid to announce it. However, probably only Weima knows the truth clearly.Wilma Motors, how long do we have?Having played his cards so badly, did Weema ever think of “giving up”?