How did Wei Dongyi, who received full marks in the Olympic Games and declined harvard, become a “god”?

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A young man records a promotional video for Peking University on the campus ahead of the 2021 national college entrance exam.”Come on, welcome to Peking University.”Simple words, from a similarly simple face.The young man interviewed is Wei Dongyi, an assistant professor at Peking University.It is hard for ordinary people to connect him with professors at Peking University through videos.No suit, shirt, shoes, only a very simple casual dress.Facing the reporter’s interview, he seemed stiff and his eyes were wandering.He also carried a large bucket of mineral water and a plastic bag containing steamed bread.The entire interview is only 29 seconds long, but after it was posted online, it caused a heated debate.With the hot discussion, Wei Dongyi, who can be called the “real version of the monk sweeping the floor”, “contemporary Chen Jingrui” mathematics prodigy, just gradually appeared in the public field of vision.Wei Dongyi, a young prodigy, was born in a scholarly family. His parents are professors at Shandong Jianzhu University.His father, in particular, was an expert in mathematics.Since childhood, Wei Dongyi has been wrapped in the ocean of knowledge. Linear algebra, calculus and other knowledge that others would only learn in college were only extra-curricular reading materials in his childhood.Partly by family circumstances, partly by nature.When he opened those obscure books on mathematics, his soul seemed to be attracted by the simplicity and efficiency of mathematics.That study in the home is the spiritual garden of Wei Dongyi simply.Slowly, he discovered that his love of mathematics, like well-written programming, was deeply embedded in his DNA.As parents, it is naturally gratifying to see their children so studious.Therefore, when Wei Dongyi was very young, his parents deliberately cultivated his mathematical ability, and Wei Dongyi naturally never let his parents down.From the time he started school, he showed a talent for math that was far beyond his peers, even his math teacher.There is an anecdote, it is said that when Wei Dongyi was in grade five in primary school, there was a sum of a group of numbers of the problem stumped the class.At that time, the math teacher did not rush to announce the answer, but reminded the students, first observe the set of numbers, see what the pattern is, and then try to solve it with the new unknown X.Is everyone buried in bitter calculation, the face shows difficult color, the teacher found Wei Dongyi in the seat around, nothing but also look at the bright sunshine outside.The teacher smiled a little and shouted, “Wei Dongyi, tell me your answer.”Wei Dongyi heard the teacher called him, hurried back to look around the vision, he quickly stood up, with a little shy voice said his answer.When he finished, the room was silent.The students were silent, because they did not understand what he said, the teacher was silent, he knew that Wei Dongyi was good at math, but never thought that he could use the method of multiple difference to derive the sum formula of geometric sequence, which is part of the knowledge of high school sequence!After a while, the teacher smiled again, this time he smiled very bright, motioned Wei Dongyi to sit down, said “students, Wei Dongyi’s solution is right, now the teacher to explain to you.”Other students cast envious, adoring and even jealous glances at Wei Dongyi, which made him feel uncomfortable all over.He had to turn to the window, away from the eyes of the students from now on, Wei Dongyi became a small teacher in the class, the students have problems will come to him.Although he is introverted, he is willing to help students solve problems and is deeply loved by his classmates.For Wei Dongyi, knowledge in math textbooks has never been the focus of his attention.In only one semester, he learned all the mathematics knowledge in high school.The extra time was used to prepare for the International Mathematical Olympiad.Those who are familiar with mathematics know the level of the competition. If they can win a gold medal in such an event, most of them will be recommended by prestigious universities such as Tsinghua and Peking University.Therefore, the International Mathematical Olympiad is the real battlefield of Wei Dongyi’s high school learning stage.Wei dongyi studies at the Middle school attached to Shandong Normal University, where his head teacher Zhang Yonghua is his Olympic coach.Zhang Yonghua is an excellent people’s teacher with a very high teaching level. As the first-level coach of The China International Mathematical Olympiad, zhang Yonghua is an excellent teacher with a very high teaching level.From his contact with Wei Dongyi, he felt that Wei Dongyi was a special existence.Silent, eyes even some wooden, let a person look at the past, not aware of anything special, and it is just this ordinary appearance, hidden in the world’s top mathematical talent.Zhang Yonghua will never forget the first day of school, when he faced a group of freshmen and the transcript in his hand.He was guessing which one got a full mark in mathematics, and so he finished the name, Wei Dongyi’s name was engraved in his heart.Once, Zhang Yonghua talked to Wei Dongyi and encouraged him to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad.Did not expect Wei Dongyi said he had begun to do this aspect of preparation, teachers and students happened to see eye to eye.Zhang Yonghua smiled, and Wei Dongyi smiled too.After contacting deeply with Wei Dongyi, Zhang Yonghua discovers again, Wei Dongyi behaves tacitly at ordinary times, it is the speed that because nobody can keep up with him to think completely.If you can discuss math problems with him, you will know a completely different Wei Dongyi.You can feel his spirit and spirituality, he often has some kind of genius of ideas, even Zhang Yonghua put to shame.In 2008, 16-year-old Wei Dongyi, led by Zhang Yonghua, took part in the International Mathematical Olympiad.In this competition, more than 500 top Olympians from dozens of countries around the world gathered.The competition takes place over two days, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., for four hours each day, contestants have to solve three large math problems.The first time to participate in such a large game, Zhang Yonghua before the game some worry about wei Dongyi’s pressure is too large, so he did a lot of counseling work.Listening to the teacher from the heart of the words, Wei Dongyi just habitually nod, not a word.See him so, Zhang Yonghua also elusives the true state of Wei Dongyi’s heart hard, when the game, he still knead for Wei Dongyi.On the contrary, Wei Dongyi, it seems that there is no psychological burden.No matter in any situation, as long as it is related to mathematics, he can quickly get into the groove.Once he is in the zone, all the voices around him seem to disappear, and he seems to be in another space, this space is exclusive to himself, he is the master of this space.The two – day competition, in the eyes of other players, is exciting and challenging.However, Wei Dongyi is enjoying the process.When the final match result comes out, Wei Dongyi created the first myth that belongs to him, that session of the Olympic Games, he got full marks!He was one of only three out of more than 500 of the world’s top high school students who got perfect marks.Zhang Yonghua, the result of the game, laughed loudly, behind the laughter, both the affirmation of Wei Dongyi, but also a little joking about their concerns before the game.This time competition, let the whole domestic Olympic circle know Wei Dongyi.The following year, Wei Dongyi was recruited into the National Olympic Team again with full marks for pre-competition training.Here, Wei Dongyi knew many top Athletes in the Olympic Games, pre-match training rhythm intensity is very large.After two consecutive months of training, he once again set foot on the battlefield of the Orsay.For Wei Dongyi, if the last Olympic Games is an entry test, so this is a real challenge.Because in the contestants, there is a high school mathematics competition in the history of legend, Tao Zhexuan.Tao taught himself calculus at the age of seven and won an Olympic gold medal at 12.According to the age of the first Olympic gold medal, fully 4 years earlier than Wei Dongyi.The confrontation between two people takes place at the end of the theme.In the face of the sixth big question, well-known Tao Zhexuan was invited to answer.It took the experienced contestant seven hours to solve the problem.But wei Dongyi on the field, actually only spent an hour!Finally, Wei Dongyi again with full marks, won the Olympic gold medal.At this time of Wei Dongyi just on senior two.This war, let him completely seal god, Wei God’s name gradually spread in the Olympic circle.Only then wei Dongyi, with now fashionable vocabulary, our God, has not broken the circle just.When we were young, we all learned an article called “Hurt Zhong Yong”.Some worry that Wei is becoming a mere human being.After all, except for mathematics, he seems to have no other interests and seldom contact with people. In today’s society, such a character seems to be easy to be marginalized or to create inner knot.Fortunately, our God is not so fragile.He doesn’t really have many other interests, but he’s definitely not a bookworm.His inner world is equally rich, but not well expressed.With two excellent performances in the Olympic Games, Wei shen was recommended to Peking University.While studying at Peking University, It took Wei only two years to get enough credits that others could get in four years.Even at Peking University, where there are so many elite students, Wei is a god.Moreover, his identity is well known to those around him.Because of his excellent academic performance, Wei Shen was selected into the “Top Talent Training Program” of Peking University in mathematics in his junior year. In his junior year, Wei Dongyi took part in another top mathematics competition, the fourth Qiu Chengtong College Mathematics Competition.People who are not familiar with mathematics may not be very familiar with this event.Here it is necessary to say the difference between qiu Chengtong’s mathematics competition and the Olympic Games.As we all know, high school mathematics is a general education, that is, we learn the same content, the difference is the depth of mastery.The math you can do in the Olympics is strictly limited to the high school level, you can create more advanced techniques, but you can’t cross the line, basically, you can’t use advanced math to solve the Olympics, it’s forbidden.Qiu chengtong’s competition for college students is different. In college, mathematics majors and non-mathematics majors learn different mathematical knowledge, and even mathematics majors have different research directions.If the high school mathematics learning is compared to a horse step.So the university stage and later study, for students, is to decide whether you are going to practice boxing or leg, fencing or sword.Therefore, the competition is divided into five subjects, which test students’ abilities in four aspects: analysis and Differential Equations, Geometry and Topology, Algebra, Combination and number Theory, and Calculation, statistics and application.Each participant can choose one event to participate in, or all five.Compared with the high school Olympiad, the qiu Chengtong College Mathematics Competition is more challenging for participants.To the average person, getting a place in an event is considered very good.And our God, in the registration without any hesitation, directly reported five!Genius is arrogant, but this sentence does not apply to Wei God.No one who knew him well was surprised.Wei Shen is relatively calm. He gets up early to eat in the canteen and goes to the library to study until late at night.He didn’t make any extra preparations just because he was competing.Or, to be more precise, Weishen, always ready!Mathematics, is the love of his life, is the battlefield he fought.Last-minute people, may be successful, but never become a master!In 2013, Wei Shen appeared on the field of qiu Chengtong college Mathematics competition as scheduled.It is well known that Yau is a world-renowned Chinese mathematician.There is no doubting the value of an award named after him.After a fierce written test and interview, Wei Dongyi once again stood out.He won gold MEDALS in four of the five subjects he entered, one of which was silver, though not gold.It was the first time that a contestant was so strong that she won in many subjects in a row since yau chengtong University student mathematics competition was established.The experience of refusing Harvard and remaining in Peking University made Wei Shen famous not only in the domestic mathematical circle, but also in foreign universities, through this competition, to recognize this mathematical genius from China.Naturally, Wei Shen graduated from the undergraduate, continued to stay in Peking University to study for a master’s degree and doctor’s degree.In less than four years, Wei Shen completed all the postgraduate and Doctoral courses and graduated with honors.At this time, Harvard University, which had been concerned about him for a long time, even offered to make an exception for him, regardless of his TOEFL or IELTS scores, as long as he was willing to come to Harvard for research and teaching.Faced with such an opportunity, ordinary people will definitely join Harvard without hesitation. After all, it is the world’s top university with the world’s top research team and research environment.On the day wei Dongyi received the invitation from Harvard, he walked around Peking University alone. He remembered his appearance when he entered Peking University. Peking University gave him a lot.With this belief and feelings, Wei Dongyi decided to decline the invitation of Harvard University and stay in Peking University to teach and pursue postdoctoral studies.Academician Tian Gang, his master’s and Doctoral supervisor, was pleased to know this. After all, during his teaching career, Tian Gang had seen many outstanding talents choose to stay abroad.From the point of view of individual choice, this is a matter beyond blame, but standing on the national point of view, may really lose some important talents, he very admire Wei Dongyi’s choice.Wei Dongyi stayed at Peking University as an assistant professor at Peking University, while continuing to follow Academician Tian Gang to do research.In 2019, a paper co-authored with Dr. Feng Renjie and Academician Tian Gang on the problem of small spacing of classical Gaussian orthogonal systems in random matrices was published in GAFA.It is one of the world’s leading mathematical journals, and many ordinary professors may not be able to publish a single article in it in their lifetime.And Wei Dongyi did, that year, he was only 28 years old.If it weren’t for that brief online video, Wei Dongyi might not have been in the public eye at all.Some wondered if the excessive exposure, the media frenzy, would affect his life.Such fears now seem misplaced.In popular terms, Wei God is called god, not only because of his high IQ and more than ten years of persistence, but also because he is a person out of the vulgar interest.Let the outside wind and rain, I since upright, salute Wei God!