College students practice calligraphy on the window, natural and free elegant stretch, net friend: the window price rises

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Nowadays, college students are a group of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, because they were born in the new era of fierce competition, talents gather and the social standards for talents are constantly improving. In order to keep up with the pace of The Times, no matter parents or students, they will not miss any opportunity to improve their ability.They are a generation of talent, but also a generation of character, who are unique and don’t conform to the crowd, the label.At the same time, they are patriotic.Some people say that they are flowers growing in the greenhouse, and just because of this, they can be filled with love and pride, and some of the essence of Chinese culture, which has been “frozen” for a long time, will be revived in their generation.We can often see popular fonts on the Internet, cheese body, dumplings body and so on, they are round and liked by students;There are some idol fonts, such as Zhao Jinmai font, Feng Lin font and so on, because people like, because of their talent and love me love my dog.A college student’s improvisation, let us see, what is the real “calligraphy”.College students practice calligraphy on the window, natural and free, elegant and relaxed, net friend: Window instant price rises During the university, many students will join the association, a variety of associations gathered like-minded students, we study common hobbies together, learn from each other skills.In the campus of university, not only the knowledge of specialized courses can help students improve their professional skills, but also the interest of extracurricular practice is very important, because the campus of university is diversified.They often pick up the pen to write freely, as if in the ancient countryside, and as if song Jiang’s writing on the wall, in short, are high mood and left the works.Perhaps there is a Li Bai hidden in the body of people who have learned calligraphy. A college student’s calligraphy has caught fire on the Internet, known as the “saint of the new generation of books”. Curiously, there are many college students who write well in calligraphy.Because when he was practicing calligraphy, his mood could not be placed on rice paper, so he picked up the pen and directly wrote on the glass of the window.His cursive writing is natural and free, elegant and smooth, without ten or eight years of hard study, it would not be able to write this taste.There are such groups in the original college students, this is the way college students should be, learning real cultural knowledge, stick to it, become their own ability.For contemporary college students to learn calligraphy, not only can cultivate their morality, but also is a kind of inheritance.I believe that many students’ idols are based on calligraphy, such as four-character brother.By parents as a child to study interest class, is a study for several years, but he likes to learn this interest, because as long as written at the beginning, the time will be slow, the mood also become calm down, after several years of study, in addition to heart benefits, on the examination of many important exam also can have the effect of icing on the cake, because the handwriting is good,It puts the examiners in a good mood and makes them see what they’re writing.See here many parents have understood the benefits that calligraphy can bring to a student, so without thinking, began to prepare for the students to sign up for a calligraphy class, for fear that the students were left on the starting line.The number of interests is not important, more important, many parents see the benefits of a hobby, so I intend to give students learning, several programmes will upon students, students a lot of pressure, learn this tomorrow learn today that, it is easy to lead to students as “bear blind chopped corn, split a spike, throw a spike”, finally learn nothing, what also didn’t stick to it.Therefore, what matters is not the number of hobbies, but whether she can persevere. For example, gu Ailing, the champion girl, has numerous hobbies since her childhood in university, including fashion, ballet, piano, horse riding and so on. Finally, she only sticks to skiing and does it extremely well.In fact, ordinary families do not have so much energy and economic foundation to let students “trial and error”, can do is in daily life, let students find their favorite things to do, or painting, or calligraphy, sports, and so on, as long as stick to it, in the future this thing will certainly help students.He can take the route of art student in the college entrance examination and develop in a certain professional field in the future. Or students can attend some winter camps in colleges and be recommended to go to college because of their excellent performance. In short, as long as they persist, there will be unexpected surprises.On the interests of it, the students to make a decision carefully, because as long as it is to learn, to insist on more than ten years, so make sure if you can make your life happy, parents also want to reduce the anxiety of education, when you see someone else’s students can write calligraphy so good, is only the support of parents, and students and their common persistence.This is the end of the topic article sharing, tomorrow’s content is more wonderful # Knowledge season # welcome to actively forward, collect, the author here to thank you want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to rice education (pictures from the network, such as infringement contact deletion)