“Eat chicken” game mixed the most miserable props, even if there is special skin, but also very few people

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Pragmatic, not grandiose!I am your good friend, smile ten times mirror.Eat chicken hand swim peace elite although have a lot of fancy skin, but finally still want to use in the game, whether flashy a test will know!In order to make the game more playable, Photon is constantly adding new items to the game!As we all know, Peace Elite is a shooting game, and the most important props in the game are weapons!With the release of the game, many new weapons have been introduced to us, but there are some weapons that few people use, even though they have special skins. Let’s take a look at them below.As veteran players know, the four melee weapons already exist when it comes to exciting battlefields. They are standard in Chicken Eater, but rarely used in the game. Of course, the frying pan is picked by default in The Peace Elite, so it’s different from the other three!At present, apart from the sickle without skin, crowbar and machete have a lot of very high level of appearance of the skin, the most representative is the “flower axe” of the machete.These items are so badly mixed up in the game that they are not picked up by normal players, except for some bloggers who use them to create material.Most players call it a “flash bomb” and it has a very low pickup rate in the game!Although it can sometimes have unexpected effects, it is not as useful as smoke grenades and grenades.Even though a lot of bloggers have “blown it up”, it’s still hard to see it in a player’s backpack.The stun bomb gets a lot of attention in official games, where there are no robots and competition is fierce, and it’s nice to have a slightly useful item, but it’s rarely used in everyday games.If you have room in your backpack, you might as well pick up a few more smoke bombs!Many bloggers find crossbows very useful and conclude that it is not the weapon that is not powerful, but that players cannot use them.This point of view is personal disagree, although crossbow damage is very high, but it is very particular about operability!Under the influence of a variety of factors, let it mix very miserable in the game!In this version of the game where automatic rifles dominate, a weapon with a very slow reload rate and a heavy drop of bullets makes it difficult to make an appearance, even if the landing gun does not have a gun, the crossbow is not the player’s first choice!After all, shotguns are easy to find, and they work better!All in all, at present, photon has begun to produce the special effects of the skin of the unpopular gun, but the above several mixed up more miserable props, even with special effects, it is difficult to have the opportunity to appear in the game, after all, their positioning is very awkward!Many players think that these items can be removed from the game, but Photon does not, mainly because they are one of the standard items in Eat Chicken, although the mix is bad but still increase the game’s playability, not to mention after the special skin can suck a lot of gold!That’s it for this episode, what do you think of these dashes, and will you use them in your game?Welcome to share!Thanks for reading, look forward to the “thumbs up” and “little Rocket” at the end of this article, we will see you in the comments section.# Peace Elite