Painter (Short Story)

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The town’s master is Lin Dongkai, a painter who paints fish.Lin dongkai’s original ambition was to go to college, work in an office and marry a city girl.But this is wishful thinking, Lin Dongkai had only art teacher praise, you have a gift for art, you will become a painter.The art teacher’s words and his touching Lin Dongkai’s hair made Lin dongkai’s tears moisten many scenery in that spring, the scene of Jiangnan with misty rain.But in addition to the art teacher, other teachers to him is hate iron not steel or disdain words.Lin Dongkai often hurt often war of the spirit, but review for three years, the university entrance exam or from the line sent wrongly, his father believed in the “eight liters in life, don’t beg a bucket” and threw him out of the classroom back and gave him a sickle, let him cut grass fish farming, and anyway, how many fish ponds in the home, how it is easy to mix a belly.The Lin Dongkai that cuts grass raises fish all day is very depressed, depressed Lin Dongkai often is opposite fish pond fish in a daze.Sometimes I draw a few strokes on the ground to draw a fish sunning on land.One bored afternoon, Lin Dongkai was still staring at fish in a daze.All of a sudden, I ran home, pulled out the paper and pen of art class, and drew fish.Father thought Lin Dongkai was not doing his job properly and wanted to tear up his paintings.Lin Dongkai red eyes, said as long as you tear the painting, I will immediately let you fish out my body from the pond tomorrow, let you no children.Lin dongkai’s father retreated, and Lin dongkai’s painting of fish became his main occupation, cutting grass and feeding fish as incidental fare.Lin Dongkai has been painting fish for three years. His paintings are meticulous and carefully crafted.Many people who have seen Lin dongkai’s fish paintings say that Lin dongkai’s paintings are so good that the fish seem to jump out of the pond or swim head-on.Lin Dongkai unmoved, that they are just amateurs.By chance, the vice chairman of the provincial Artists Association came to the ancient town to collect art. When he saw Lin Dongkai’s paintings, he was so excited that he even dropped his teacup on the ground and invited Lin Dongkai to select four pieces to participate in the provincial art exhibition.On the opening day, the vice president talked about Lin dongkai’s fish paintings in a TV interview, and also made comments and recommendations in the provincial newspaper.Lin Dongkai’s fish paintings rose to fame both inside and outside the province. Local TV stations and newspapers reported him continuously, and he became the most dazzling art star in the province that year.The vice president predicted that Lin Dongkai would become a representative figure in the art circle of the province in the near future.Lin Dongkai refused the media tracking reports, shut himself in the cabin for hard face.Many people wanted to see Lin Dongkai, but Lin dongkai avoided seeing them. Vice President Lin Dongkai greatly appreciated this, saying that art is to stand up to loneliness and resist temptation. He could not hide his love in his words.Lin dongkai’s door opened for a stranger because his high school art teacher knocked on the door and Lin couldn’t refuse.After some pleasantries, the stranger said, “I’m the owner of the gallery and I’d like to buy your paintings.”Don’t sell.Lin dongkai was determined and continued to paint.Words can not say so absolutely, the stranger lit a cigarette, continue to bid.They’re four square feet each. Two thousand yuan each.I’ll take 60, pay half down, deliver within a month, and make up the whole amount.Lin dongkai’s brush paused in midair and a drop of ink fell onto the white rice paper.I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but your parents earned that money.I think you need to prove yourself, especially the people who looked down on you, your classmates, you don’t want them to think you’re still a fish farmer, do you?Even painting for your own pleasure?The stranger’s words carefully finished, Lin Dongkai threw the brush: clinch a deal.The vice chairman felt that he had not seen Lin Dongkai’s works for a period of time, and Lin Dongkai was evasive when answering the phone.The vice chairman came to the ancient town in person, and he felt that Lin Dongkai would leave a few more lines in the history of art in this province.These few lines make up for the toil of running.When he arrived in the old town, the wall of Lin Dongkai’s small house facing the street had been knocked down, and the walls were covered with Lin Dongkai’s fish paintings. Each painting had a marked price, and the shop rules of “no second price” were prominently displayed next to a photo of Lin Dongkai posing with the vice chairman.The vice chairman hurried to Lin Dongkai’s studio and saw Lin arranging ten fish paintings in a row on the drawing board. He drew a few strokes on this one and a few strokes on the other. From the first one to the last one, the ink on the first one dried up and he started a new round of creation.The production workshop of the general flow, orderly efficiency is quite high.The vice chairman felt dizzy and left quietly.Is busy Lin Dongkai seems not to feel the vice – chairman to and fro.However, when the vice president turned the corner, he heard Lin dongkai saying while painting fish: Buy paintings to the front room, all sizes are complete, if you have special requirements, the price is negotiable.Without looking up, he worked intently from picture to picture.Author: Huang Rongcai