Sui Wenjing parents: dare not see live only dare to see the replay

2022-05-05 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Harbin, February 19 (reporters Yang Zhe, Yang Siqi)When Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won the gold medal in pairs figure skating at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Sunday night at the Capital Gymnasium, Sui’s parents did not watch in front of the TV — as they have always done.”Afraid to watch live, afraid to see mistakes.”Sui’s father, Sui Xiaodong, said that over the years, even when they came to support their children’s competitions, they would walk around the stadium when Sui took the stage and come back after she finished.This time, Sui xiaodong did not even dare to look at his watch. He and his wife, Liu Wei, waited quietly in two rooms and prayed silently.Sui told his relatives and friends to call him if they had any good news.On the night of The 19th, sui xiaodong’s most anticipated phone rang. He picked it up and, without saying a few words, began to cry.Calm a mood, Sui Xiaodong watched the replay of the game, again excited to tears.”These 15 years have not been in vain and all her hard work has paid off. Thank you to everyone who has supported her.””Sui xiaodong said,” When she comes home, I will cook her dry fried fresh mushrooms and braised Japanese tofu!”When Sui wenjing first stepped onto the ice rink as a child, her parents did not expect her to go so far.”It started out as a hobby, but once she got on the ice, she couldn’t get off.”Sui xiaodong said.Sui Wenjing from an early age more brave, is the eyes of her parents “tigress”, others dare not do the action, she dared to try, so also suffered a lot of injuries.After a serious injury, Sui Xiaodong felt sorry for her, once wanted to take her home, do not practice, “but she does not do, and I go to work, and drag my mother to go skating.”According to Sui xiaodong, her daughter found happiness in skating.In the future, he wants her to do more things she likes besides skating.Others may be more concerned about Sui Wenjing “fly” is not high, but Sui Xiaodong and Liu Wei are always concerned about her “fly” tired not tired.”As long as she is safe and sound on the court, we are proud.”Sui xiaodong said.(after)