Do you have Spring Festival travel abroad?Do they dazzle candy tangerines?

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More than half of the Spring Festival holiday is over, and many partners have happily finished sugar tangerines at home.So how many sugar oranges can you eat before your mother kicks you out of the house?So how many people are involved in this big project?According to a press conference held by the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council recently, the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the China Railway Group have analyzed and analyzed the passenger flow of the Spring Festival travel rush. It is estimated that 1.18 billion trips will be made during the Spring Festival travel rush in 2022, with 29.5 million trips per day.What is the scale of the daily migration of nearly 30 million people?It is about half the size of France, Italy and South Africa;About the whole of Malaysia, Nepal and Sri Lanka;More than two populations of Tunisia, Belgium and Cuba are on the move at the same time!At the press conference, Han Guangzu, director of the Flight Standards Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that nearly 600,000 scheduled domestic passenger flights have been arranged during the Spring Festival travel rush, and more than 20,000 extra flights have been approved.Zhu Wenzhong, deputy director of passenger transport department of China Railway Group.The basic travel needs of students, migrant workers and family visits during the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush will remain at a certain scale.The maximum daily seat supply capacity can reach 10.5 million or so, and the guest capacity can meet the travel needs of Spring Festival passengers.China’s Spring Festival transportation is so lively, that western countries have “Spring Festival transportation”?According to online data, americans’ “Spring Festival travel rush” mainly falls between Thanksgiving and Double Dan Festival (Christmas and New Year’s Day).That includes an increase of about 50 percent in the six days around Thanksgiving and about 20 percent from Christmas to New Year’s.However, the United States is affected by national conditions, their private car and car rental business is more popular.According to statistics, nearly 80% of Americans drive home in any given year.So when the nation is on the move, the scene on some U.S. highways looks like this: According to data released by the Transportation Security Administration in November 2021, more than 2 million checks were checked daily during the Thanksgiving holiday.Meanwhile, the New York Port Authority estimates that about 3.5 million vehicles will use its Bridges and tunnels during the five-day Thanksgiving holiday.Although these data have a significant increase in daily life, but why compared with China’s Spring Festival transport gap?This is mainly related to the western concept of rural, they do not have the tradition of “always go home for the Spring Festival”.Therefore, westerners prefer to use their holidays to go on vacation.For friends and relatives in other places, they generally make a phone call to say hello.Well, it can be said that the United States also has an annual “chunyun” population migration time, and some areas are even more “spectacular”.But be sure — they certainly don’t have the same delicious sugar oranges to dazzle!Source: China Traffic Broadcast reporter: Yi Rui Cover: Sun MAO