Three fantasy novels, the youth get mysterious space, waste firewood become genius, step by step on the highest

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Recently, many fans do not know what books to read, unwittingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian to this is the same.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today small make up recommends to everybody: 3 unreal novel, teenager gets mysterious space, waste firewood changes genius, step by step steps on to gao first “wu God space” author: Fu Xiao dust is introduced: 3 unreal novel, teenager gets mysterious space, waste firewood changes genius, step by step steps on to gao!Xie Xiwen is only an ordinary college student on the earth originally, but accidentally passed through a world called true wujie!In this world, a mighty warrior can overthrow mountains and seas, destroy the sky and the earth!This is ordinary qualification he, because got a mysterious special space!Into the pit guide: reiki is enough, far more than the outside world is enough, but it is a monster beast rampant place, even ye Xiwen’s repair can only be careful, the sky, the land from time to time after the terrible monster, after the airflow can be born and die the strong monster.Ye Xiwen runs the collecting work all the time, otherwise he wouldn’t be here at all.A distant wreckage fell into ye Xiwen’s eyes, Ye Xiwen hurriedly went up to take a look, although here has been near the sky ancient trees to cover the terrain, but Ye Xiwen can still see, below is a huge square paved with white marble, occasionally a little white color, confirmed Ye Xiwen’s idea.Between two ancient heaven a tablet has attracted the attention of his-wen yeh, it is a huge stone may have up to ten meters above, it is possible, because the stone has been cut off more than two-thirds, fully left with a third, on the remaining one-third of the tablet, dimly, there is a ancient integrate his-wen yeh forward and held out his hand,Trying to wipe the dirt off the old seal characters.Suddenly, at the moment he touches the ancient seal characters, suddenly the surrounding scene changes wildly, and Ye Xiwen can seem to be in the sky above a palace complex.”Hula!”Boom!In the distance of the clouds numerous electric snake brontosaurus crazy split to that one gorgeous buildings, do not know how many buildings for a time.(click below to read for free) the second “God Wu Ba Di” author: unbelieving evil introduction: the stars chong Qiao, Yuehua raise soul, Yang fire quenching body, melting galactic blood, the body into the immortal star body!Young Gu Chen is pregnant with all vientiane formula, in this genius such as rain, the world of strong such as cloud, with the hand of thirty-three days secret art, ascend absolute peak!Let you Shinto unparalleled, wu Dao extremely, not against my domineering!Guide to entering the pit: Gu Chen and his companions stayed in the hyogo for a long time. In the first few days, they were curious to get familiar with all kinds of weapons and marveled at their strength and delicacy.But as time went by, after I had enough knowledge of these weapons, I lost my interest and put most of my energy into cultivation.This is really the best place to practice, to gu Chen into the king’s state of repair, every time refining yuan force actually can feel the obvious growth.After entering the long habitat, it is extremely difficult to ascend each small realm, and the time required to enter the celestial and human realm is often calculated in hundreds of years.Like huangfu Qingming, he became a king at the age of 15, and spent only a few years on the four realms of body, avatar, nirvana and immortality.For four years from the age of fifteen until his death, he only practiced from the beginning to the end of his life, which shows how difficult it is to ascend each level.After a few days of training in the lungs of beluga whales, Gu realized that his training efficiency was too high. At this rate, he could reach the peak of his long habitat in just over half a year.Such an opportunity is so rare that it is more effective than any panacea.Introduction: Because of a bracelet, Qin Fei from the family genius to become ten thousand people laugh at the waste.To guard the responsibility in the heart, he fights evil little, kill overlord, fight heaven……Ancient fierce beast, nine gods, hell you demon, primordial hundreds of people, endless world, endless universe, the supreme coming……Pit guide: “What?You want to go back to China?Leave us faerie?”Night fairy butterfly surprised looking at Qin Fei, lost voice jiao call way.Qin Fei nodded calmly and said: “The Central Plains is my home!I am a member of the fairy beast clan, but always hung in the central Plains heart!I still have a lot of work to do, now that the Faeries are stable, the Black Rocks are broken, there is no more trouble, even if the march back to the city, there will be no benefit!And he won’t dare come back unless it’s spread that I’m gone! ‘Night fairy butterfly look lonely, beautiful eyes flashing tears, low way: “Qin eldest brother, don’t you want butterflies?”Qin Fei smiled, gently pulled her hand, way: “How can it?Where I go, I will take you. Would you like to go to the Central Plains with me?”Night fairy butterfly one happy, immediately break cry for smile, repeatedly nod: “I would like, Qin eldest brother where you go, I will go where!””Good!Let’s go and talk to Uncle Night now, and I’ll be ready to start tomorrow!”Qin Fei laughed and walked out of the yard with night fairy butterfly.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. 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