Chinese efforts in India are really appreciated

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In addition to putting a lot of effort into product definition, Xiaomi has also quietly begun to localize manufacturing in India.A number of teams from Xiaomi’s handset product development department work with Foxconn’s factories in India.The first Xiaomi factory is in The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, a Foxconn factory that used to run Nokia’s handset business.While the factory is fine, the various features assembled inside are far from what smartphones need, and there are too many hurdles xiaomi’s engineers must jump through to make it suitable for xiaomi phones.For example, engineer Guo Jinbao wrote a tutorial in English to familiarize Indian workers with the operation procedures of the revamped equipment, but when he handed out the tutorial, he realized that many of the workers could not understand the tutorial because of the numerous official languages in India.Another example is that there is too much rain in India. Whenever the rainy season comes, there is water under the wooden pallet in the warehouse. The engineers of Xiaomi can only replace the wooden pallet with plastic pallet at the first time, and then raise the bottom layer to ensure that the goods are completely isolated from the rain.At the same time, Xiaomi has accelerated the use of industrial shelves, fundamentally solving the problem that the pallet is not suitable for inventory.There is a big gap in infrastructure between India and China, which brings a lot of inconveniences in life.Once, many and their colleagues’ car broke down halfway, and they tried to call for help but could not find it.So they wheeled the car to a nearby repair shop in the sweltering heat.Many Chinese colleagues do not adapt to the local food and hygiene conditions in India, and people often fall ill.A small friend once took Guo Jinbao’s hand and cried: the night before diarrhea has been pulled to the point of collapse, it is difficult to prepare to write a suicide note.Fortunately, the next day he took the special medicine and soon recovered.Against all odds, the first Xiaomi phones assembled in India rolled off the production line in August 2015.In 2016, the plant shipped 1 million units.Xiaomi has since opened two of its own factories in Tamil Nadu.These local factories in India not only save Xiaomi’s tariff costs, but also shorten the logistics cycle, and have the flexibility to be closer to the local market, which has provided considerable convenience for the shipment of phones in the Indian market.