It has been one year since the Spring Festival, has the promise of doing practical things for the people been fulfilled?

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Shijiazhuang, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) –Xinhua News Agency reporters Cao Guochang, Liu Taoxiong “I used to live near the West Street, covered with dirt in sunny days, mud on my feet in rainy days, and mud and ice in winter.”Li Xiwen, a villager living in the east end of West Street, Beihengkou Village, Jingxing County, Hebei Province, said that the street is high in the west and low in the east. Sometimes the muddy water of rainwater and sewage is one span deep, and even a door can’t come out.The 310-meter-long west street in front of Li xiwen’s house was a section of the Qin Emperor’s ancient road, which was a thoroughfare to The Jin-Hebei region more than 2,000 years ago.After thousands of years, most sections of the Ancient Qinhuangdao in the village have already been buried by loess, this loess road, but to the villagers caused “difficult road”.”In winter, when the road is frozen, the villagers spread furnace ash and slag on the ice to prevent it from sliding. After the ice melts, they spread another layer. In winter, the ground can grow more than ten centimeters.Li Xiwen said.The picture shows the west street of North Hengkou Village before hardening.Respondents gave their pictures of “hardening west Street”, which became the most popular livelihood issue among villagers.Jingxing County in 2021 to carry out the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”, all the village cadres in jingxing county according to the actual situation of the village to the villagers to do the commitments, the organization department of the county party Committee to draw a unified list, establish ledger.”Hardening west street” has also become the north horizontal mouth village two committee team to the villagers make one of the commitments.The houses on both sides of the street are high in the north and low in the south.If we dig the low road surface, there will be no steps for the residents on the north side to go out.In addition, it involves the protection of the Qin Emperor’s ancient road, which is difficult to harden.”Since promise, again difficult also get.”Zhang Wuting, secretary of the village branch, communicated with the cultural relics department first and determined the hardening scheme;Members of the two committees of the village communicated with the villagers, and since nearly half of the villagers on both sides of the street no longer lived in the village, the village cadres went to their current residence to do their work, as far as Yangquan, Shanxi Province and other places.The picture shows Zhang Wuting, secretary of north Hengkou Village Branch, introducing the promise.Finally, the villagers were moved by the sincerity of the village cadres and satisfied with the reconstruction plan.By the end of May last year, the 310-meter xijie sewage pipe network renovation and road hardening were completed, and the villagers said goodbye to the travel problem.Now, stroll west street, flat cement surface clean and tidy, both sides of the houses strewn at random, roadside there are old people in front of the sun.Li xiwen said: “The road is easier to walk, the villagers also light up.”The picture shows north Hengkou Village West Street after hardening.(Xinhua/Cao Guochang) Liang Aiying, a villager in North Hengkou Village, kept her house clean and bright, with spring in the air on her indoor flower shelves.”Children go home for the New Year, walking on the newly built cement road, feeling that it used to be a long time to walk on the dirt road, but now it will come to an end in a twinkling of an eye.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, Jingxing County with “a year, the secretary’s promise has been fulfilled” as the theme, held the party building work annual meeting.County party committee and organization minister Hu Wenru, said the county 321 villages, a total of 2021 set up 1008 items “for people” “parameter, small to villagers water drinking machine installation, for the villagers to replace the intelligent water meter, big to channel management, building roads, such as constructing park covers the rural party construction, the living environment of management, all aspects, such as collective economic development through carding,All these promises were fulfilled by the end of the year.Jingxing County Party secretary Liu Lixiang, 2022, the county to establish a commitment to “practical for the people” ledger 1437.”A year’s plan starts in the spring. We have sounded the trumpet of working and starting businesses in the New Year. We will focus on strengthening party building and promoting rural revitalization, adhere to the principle of” list-based management, project-based promotion and supervisory implementation “, and strive to deliver a satisfactory result to the people by the end of the year.”