Shijiazhuang, the new Internet celebrity card, the city center of an exquisite exhibition hall has just opened, full of technology

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Here is Gao Chong’s Journey, recording travel life and sharing travel tips.Shijiazhuang’s newest exhibition center, the Central Business District Exhibition Center, has just opened. A few days ago, I took a photo of a high-end exhibition hall, The City Hall.This time, it is a pure white minimalist aesthetic design: the Central Business District Exhibition Center, another landmark permanent building in Shijiazhuang, built by Sunac Group with 120 million yuan of effort!The exterior of the whole pavilion is pure white minimalist style, and the sense of art design is very good. Both the main building and the matching cone grass fountain are full of visual impact. The surrounding green plants are still being planted and improved, but the museum has been fully ready to open.The main exhibition area is located on the first floor of the exhibition hall. As soon as you enter the hall, there is a sense of design. Three sculpture figures looking up at the sky are arranged on the stairs leading to the second floor, as if they are meditating or Shouting or preparing to stride forward.On the right side of the first floor are the city’s historical review and development prospects, which are mainly presented in the form of pictures. On the left side is a book bar jointly organized by the museum and library, where you can read books and drink coffee.The whole exhibition hall is not big, but it is very delicate. The most exciting part of the exhibition hall is the 3d interactive experience area with full sense of science and technology, and the stereo projection of sound and light. It is very amazing!At present, visitors need to make an appointment on their mobile phones. Since it has just opened, there are not many people, so you can make an appointment on the spot. It is only open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays every week.Shijiazhuang CBD Exhibition Center is located in a place that everyone in Shijiazhuang has a deep memory. It is on the north side of Liberation Square and south side of monument (former post Office building). It has convenient transportation and convenient parking, which can be parked in suning Square next door.What do you think of the new central Business District Exhibition Center? Please leave your comments!