Monty: SUNS players don’t care who scores. They just want to win

2022-05-08 0 By

Live, Feb. 13 – The SUNS extended their winning streak with a 132-105 victory over the Magic.After the game, Sun coach Monty – Williams was interviewed.The SUNS scored 67 points in the first half with 21 assists and nine players scoring.The SUNS had 40 assists, a season high.”I think that’s the way we play,” Monty Williams said of his team’s style of play. “We have guys that can play off the ball.We talk about our scoring mentality, we talk about the standard of basketball that allows everybody to touch the ball, and I feel like we have unselfish players.””I could go on a few more, but I think it’s all a generalization.Our guys really don’t care who scores, they just want to win.”(grove)