Surprise welfare, Zhengzhou Ruiji the highest discount of 5,000 yuan, looking forward to your visit

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When it comes to the ideal life, more or less there will be a vision of the future, comfortable technology sense of life, and in reality, you need a Ruiji, to add comfort and convenience to your real life, the current Henan Dongcheng Tiandao shop price 2.94%, activity time:February 10th – February 10th, such a beautiful price,Can not miss the promotion time of 2022 02 10 to 2022 02 10 Rui International latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price discount range Zhengzhou quotation EcoBoost 245 two drive smart jia enjoy 194,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 189,800 yuan EcoBoost 245EcoBoost 245 Two drive yao enjoy 179,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 174,800 yuan EcoBoost 245 four drive Yao enjoy 189,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 184,800 yuan