Taiyuan: coal machine roar to show all the state-owned enterprises as thousands of households to send warmth

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The picture shows Jing Jianqing watching the vehicles driving out of the station.Introduction Every Spring Festival, there are always people who sacrifice the happy time with their families to be busy in ordinary work.The most ordinary grounding beginner’s mind, these workers with silent pay, abide by the shoulder responsibility, guard the lights of ten thousand families.In today’s “New Year’s Walk to the grassroots”, the reporter walked into the front line of production and supply protection in Guandi Mine, set foot on the early bus for the New Year, and went deep into the construction site of major projects in the comprehensive reform area. With these dynamic working scenes, the reporter depicted the special image of the city on the first day of the New Year.The busy workers marked the festival with their practical actions, and also marked the memory of Taiyuan in the New Year of the Tiger.At 6 o ‘clock on February 1, the sky was light.Yin Baoli, director of the production dispatching command center of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal and Electricity Official Mine, walked to the office building and habitually looked up at the northernmost window on the eighth floor. The window was flashing bright lights as usual, setting off the red window flowers into a particularly joyful scene.The window that lights up all night is the dispatch center.During the Spring Festival, Guandi Mine undertakes the task of coal supply to henan Province and xingneng Power Plant and other power plants in our city.The dispatching center plays an important role in organizing and coordinating to ensure the orderly production of front-line mines and the safety and stability of coal transportation.”Happy New Year, everyone worked hard!”Yin Baoli opened the door of the dispatch center and exchanged New Year’s greetings with her colleagues.After a brief exchange of pleasantries, everyone immediately returned to the tense working state.Yin Baoli carefully looked at the scheduling log, and then put his eyes on the front of the intelligent monitoring screen, the real-time changes of the downhole production data, the production area of the operation screen is very clear, all the mine data a “screen” clear.The deep integration of coal mine mechanization and intelligence is concentrated here.At 7:10, the large screen shows in 23512 intelligent coal mining face, the workers are slightly wet in the roadway, overhaul the shearer that has been running all night;An integrated transport belt, 4,500 metres long, is pumping mined coal to the wellhead.This link has been automated, which used to require more than a dozen people to operate the belt, but now only requires one person on duty to sit in the central control room and press the button to complete.Underground to achieve full coverage of local area network, the main shaft of the mine to achieve automatic operation, ground machine room and underground main mechanical and electrical chambers to achieve unmanned or dehumanized duty, the efficiency of the improvement is obvious.”Last year, guandi Mine overproduced more than 270,000 tons of raw coal, and fulfilled the task of providing 132,200 tons of thermal coal for Henan province in the fourth quarter with both quality and quantity guaranteed.”Yin Baoli said.At 8 am, the production scheduling meeting, like a desk calendar, each page represents the beginning of a new and busy day.In the production front line, technical department, transportation station and logistics support, the person in charge of each production position sits at the same place, exchanging the work situation of the previous day, arranging the work focus of the day, dealing with the situation that may affect the underground production in advance, improving the production organization efficiency, realizing stable production and quantity, and ensuring coal shipment with all efforts.In the memory of Jing Jianqing, head of the transportation and Sales Department, he spent several days in his unit during almost every Spring Festival holiday during his 30 years of working. “This is what happens at the front line of coal mine production.While the train did not come to the gap, Jing Jianqing mounted the loading platform inspection: whether the belt is strong, whether the wire rope of the winch is worn, whether the spray nozzle of antifreeze is smooth, must do everything.”Di -” as a whistle of the long cry, 10 o ‘clock, plus hanging 24 carriages of the train slowly into the loading station.Spraying antifreeze to the car, loading, bulldozing…Workers methodically fill cars with newly produced thermal coal for transport to taiyuan No. 2 thermal power plant.An hour later, Jing watched the train loaded with thermal coal pull out of the loading station. He led the staff on duty to clean the site and recheck the equipment in preparation for the afternoon and night trains.”From 8:00 to 19:00 today, 6,000 tons of raw coal and 4,338 tons of power supply coal were recovered, and all production units in the mining area operated normally.”Closing the work log, Yin Baoli walked out of the office building.The opposite ridge was still covered with snow, setting off the winter night sky deeper and remoter.Yin Baoli can not help but speed up the pace, there is a warm lamp in the distance for him, waiting for him to go home, eat delicious dumplings, Lao warm homely……The Spring Festival, in the official mine production line, as usual busy.With the roar of the coal engine and the rolling of black gold, the hard-working miners in the official area shoulder their responsibilities and responsibilities with actions on their posts and welcome the New Year and celebrate the New Year in the unique way of “Coal Liangzi”.In addition to normal production tasks, Guandi Mine also undertakes the arduous task of ensuring coal supply to Henan Province, Xishan Coal power Xingneng Power Plant and Xishan thermal power Plant.For the warmth of thousands of households, coal workers stick to the coal mining line, contributing light and heat.Ordinary post makes extraordinary, they abandoned the opportunity of family reunion, with responsibility and stick to write the most beautiful “professional happiness”.