The girl and her classmates played in the mud and the police rescued her in time

2022-05-08 0 By

On the afternoon of April 4, guangyuan Wangcang, Sichuan province, a girl and her classmates to play in the east River dam, accidentally fell into the mud, the students’ father found immediately rescued, and the girl kept struggling because of tension, leading to the deeper and deeper, fortunately, police found timely rescue, finally out of danger.At day 14:40 xu, wangcang county public security bureau police patrol police brigade holiday ZanYanJun as usual in wangcang county east river embankment, the river outside when he went to the cinema place, found that many people are moving in the damming, discussing “a little kids”, by professional acumen and sense of responsibility, ZanYanJun immediately ran toward the damming.When ZanYanJun arrived damming, found a girl legs got stuck in the mud, and struggling, next to a adult man is trying to pull the girl out of trapped men’s feet from time to time, however, the girl’s legs is deeper, is in the lower body, silt who also don’t know how deep below, the little girl’s situation is quite dangerous.Zan Yanjun immediately stopped the man and calmed the girl down. At the same time, he reported the situation to the 110 command center of the Mangcang Public Security Bureau and the special police brigade and asked for support.Soon, special police brigade and 119 emergency rescue to the scene to carry out rescue, found that the girl around the silt is more, it is easy to be trapped, rescue is very difficult, but the girl is still slowly sinking.Immediately special patrol brigade civilian auxiliary police will shield spread on the silt, while bare hands around the girl to remove the silt, while comforting the girl, after nearly half an hour of rescue, finally rescued the girl from the silt.Later it is understood that the girl and her classmates to play in the east River dam, accidentally into the mud, the father of the students found immediately after rescue, and the girl kept struggling, resulting in deeper and deeper, fortunately, police found in time.