What kind of person was Wang Jianan, the founding general?Why did he serve as deputy for a long time after the founding of the People’s Republic?

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On September 27, 1955, the People’s Liberation Army held a formal ceremony at Huairen Hall, Zhongnanhai, Beijing.On this day, the whole hall is shining, shining.In total, 10 marshals, 10 general generals, 55 generals, 175 lieutenant-generals and 798 major generals were awarded the titles.But in this star-studded team but only lack of a prominent and have “both military and political” said the general, he is Wang Jianan.Admiral Wang Jianan As we all know, there are 57 generals in the founding of China, and 55 of them were elected in 1955.Among them, The rank of general Li Jukui was awarded in 1958, because he had been transferred to the Ministry of Petroleum industry in 1955 as a minister, not within the scope of rank evaluation.In 1958, General Li Returned to the army as political commissar of the General Logistics Department of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.Why was General Li Jukui and General Wang Jianan not in the ranks in 1955, but in 1956 a supplementary general rank?There are three arguments: the first argument is that Wang Jianan was influenced by criticism of Li Yu when he was awarded the title.Because during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Wang Jianan had served as the deputy commander of the Shandong column, with the shandong column political commissar Li Yu for a long time.The second is the most common.That is Marshal Chen Yi served as the commander of the New Fourth Army and the commander of shandong military region, Wang Jianan because of the army strategy and Mister Chen debate, even stood up, many of the officers and fighters on the scene how to persuade also can not persuade.Later, the story was reported to Chairman MAO in Yan ‘an, who wrote it down.Therefore, when he was awarded the title in 1955, he circled wang’s name in the general selection list sent by the General Political Department, and commented: “This person is proud and complacent, it is appropriate to be awarded the lieutenant general.”Because of this reason, so Wang Jianan’s title has been dragged to 1956.Marshal Chen yi’s claim is one I haven’t looked into carefully, but I don’t think it stands up to scrutiny.Among the generals of the East China Field Army, there was a man with a worse temper, general Song Shilun.General Song Shilun had repeatedly contradicted Suyu, one was to disobey the orders of superiors to act without permission, the second was the eve of the Battle of Ji ‘nan emotional, directly abandoned the work.Both of these stories reached the central government of Yan ‘an, where Chairman MAO was going to dismiss Song Shilun, but General Su Yu interceded with him and kept him as commander.To sum up, if wang had quarreled with Mr. Chen, he would have been awarded lieutenant general.So, Song Shilun’s behavior is more serious than Wang Jianan, should also be awarded lieutenant general or major general?General Song shi-lun let’s look at the third argument.In 1952 after the Changjin Lake battle, Wang Jianan succeeded Song Shilun as the commander of the ninth Corps of volunteers and political commissar into the North to participate in the war.But less than a year later, Wang returned to China because of a high blood pressure crisis, a very dangerous situation at that time, not timely treatment will affect the safety of life.Later, the general convalescated in Qingdao, so he did not attend the ceremony in 1955.I think that’s the best one.Let’s take another look at general Wang Jian’s character.In this regard, General Xu Shiyou had a comment, he said: “Lao Wang is such a person, will beat the table scold, will never break the stage.”Xu Shiyou general Wang Jianan is the founding general Wang Jinshan’s uncle, both of them are the descendants of Mongol also do not spend first, inherited the ancestor straightforward, character and aboveboard style of conduct.He is vigorous and resolute in his work. He never drags on. He is also stubborn and sticks to his principles.In wartime, in fact, every general has his own personality, a little temper is actually very normal.But he was not complacent or defiant.During the Period of the Red Army, he served as the political chief of the army for a long time, and did very well in political work, coupled with excellent military command ability, so he was dubbed as “both military and political”.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China by Lieutenant General Wang Jinshan, Wang Jianan served as deputy commander of shenyang Military Region, Jinan Military Region and Fuzhou Military Region for a long time.As a matter of fact, with his ability, he was quite capable of assuming the post of a major military district on his own.However, General Wang Jianan has a straight and selfless character, adheres to the style of seeking truth and being practical and realistic, thus being dubbed the “iron-faced General”.This is one of the main reasons why he served as deputy for so long during the peacebuilding period.Marshal Ye Jianying once said to General Wang Jianan: “Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, you do not care about your position, hard work, it is not easy!”Marshal Ye Jianying Let’s cite a few small things that happened around General Wang Jianan.In the 1960s, wang jianan went on a business trip to Shanghai and stayed in the famous Yan ‘an Hotel in Shanghai.At that time, the Yan ‘an hotel was a place for the reception of important leaders, and there were subsidized meals for military cadres at division level and above.Divisional officers and above are allowed to dine alone at a small restaurant on the 11th floor, but their accompanying family members or drivers are required to dine on the first floor.However, in the face of such regulations, some leaders still take their families or drivers to the 11th floor for dinner.Hotel management personnel to this is also dare to anger dare not speak, default this kind of behavior.Left for Wang Jianan, wang Jianan also had dinner on the 11th floor that day.But when he saw what he saw, he was furious.The eleventh floor was a jumble of animals and dragons. Basically, these cadres were with their families, and some even called their drivers up.Overwhelmed by such a blatant violation, Wang shouted at the group: “Don’t you know the rules?Get out of here.”Frightened, they all got up and ran out.Wang Jianan has always been like this, a straight personality, a righteous, uncorrupt, as Xu Shiyou said will never break the stage.He often criticizes people regardless of occasion, never mercilessly, and the more senior he is, the more critical he is.So much so that later, his subordinates could not help advising him: “Commander, you should curb your temper, or you will offend too many people.”Wang Jianan does not think so, has been adhering to this clean and fair, realistic style.Later, some of the people with bad intentions to Sue Marshal Ye Jianying there, Marshal Ye Jianying reminded Wang Jianan said: “Comrade Jian ‘an, someone accused you!””Those are definitely the people I have criticized,” Wang said.In 1979, Wang Jianan, then a standing member of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Fang Yi, the deputy head of the delegation, led 43 league members to Kunming to visit the soldiers of the counter-attack against Vietnam.The Yunnan Provincial Party Committee was very glad to hear that the leaders of the central comfort Group had come, and specially prepared a welcome luncheon, and sought the opinions of fang Yi.Fang Yi, head of the delegation, did not agree immediately. Instead, he asked Wang Jianan, who said: “All delegations will take vans;No entertaining, such as eating.Occurrence & # 39;The delegation went shopping in search of a restaurant.Four dishes and one soup per meal, never exceeding the standard.”Therefore, during the visit to Yunnan, the central consolation team always abided by the principles put forward by Wang Jianan, without extravagance and waste, and without seeking special treatment, insisting on the standard of taking a van and having four dishes and one soup for each meal.It can be seen that Wang Jianan has been keeping the good tradition of hard work and simplicity of the Communist Party.After returning from his visit to Kunming, Wang Jianan’s health is deteriorating day by day. After all, he is getting old.Once, he and his wife, Niu Yuqing, saw some foreign leaders on TV and made a very grand funeral, which aroused wang’s dislike, because he is a very simple person.So, he set five rules in advance for his wife Niu Yuqing, namely: do not open a memorial service, do not send wreaths, do not organize farewell meeting, do not inform friends before death, do not ask comrades to send body cremation.Until the day before his death, Wang repeatedly repeated the story to his wife.Wang Jianan and his wife Niu Yuqing Wang ‘an is not only strict with himself, but also with his children.His four children all work in the field, wife Niu Yuqing sometimes miss the child, want to let Wang Jianan use the authority in his hands to transfer the children back, after all, also convenient to take care of the two old.However, wang refused his wife’s request, saying neither of them would return to Beijing as long as he was alive.Therefore, when Wang Jianan died, none of his four children knew.After the death of General Wang Jianan, his old comrade-in-arms Li Xiannian came to visit him.When Li xiannian saw Wang’s living conditions, he was also shocked.An imposing General of the Republic still lived in an old flat in an old-fashioned building, and his bedroom was bare of ornament. Even his bed was an old-fashioned wooden bed with a broken leg and a brick underside.See here, Li Xiannian could not help but sigh: “DID not expect comrade Jian ‘an so frugal ah!”Li Xiannian this is Wang Jian, a dare to speak the truth, seeking truth from facts, life hard and simple, uncorrupt, always for the country, for the people’s consideration of the founding general of the Republic.