With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, the size of the ice and snow industry is expected to exceed one trillion yuan by 2025

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The Closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held in the evening of February 20, 2022.Stimulated by the Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s ice and snow industry has grown steadily and has begun to take shape.Data show that the market size of China’s ice and snow industry has maintained stable growth after rapid growth from 2014 to 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 26.65%.Under the influence of the Beijing Winter Olympics, a series of favorable policies and the public’s habit of ice and snow sports, the ice and snow industry is expected to maintain steady growth and surpass the trillion yuan mark by 2025.According to yiguan analysis, the snow and ice industry shows new characteristics of green, long cycle and high frequency. With the growth of users of snow and ice sports and the formation of relevant consumption habits, combined with the support of relevant favorable policies, the scale of the snow and ice industry will continue to grow and the development prospect of the industry will be broad.First of all, in terms of green, low-carbon ice making technology is gradually mature, which can be landed in the ice and snow industry.To restore the surrounding ecology, protect wild animals and plants, and provide integrated industry services of ice and snow tourism and leisure vacation.With the upgrading of ice making technology, the operation cycle of the ice and snow industry can be extended to the whole year. Combined with the development of users’ ice and snow consumption habits, the life cycle of the ice and snow industry is further extended.Finally, with the characteristics of high frequency, The Beijing Winter Olympics promoted the structural adjustment of the consumption market of the ice and snow industry from the stage of ice and snow experience to the stage of ice and snow demand.Consumption frequency increases to drive the rapid growth of ice and snow industry market scale.In addition, the Beijing Winter Olympics will take urban ecology as a breakthrough and inject new vitality into urban development and transformation by taking advantage of the opportunity of green Winter Olympics.It also actively builds new green venues, upgrades existing venues with green and low-carbon features, and sings the life cycle of event venues.On this basis, the development trend of big data, cloud technology and new energy to promote the upgrade of green Olympic experience has been formed.It is believed that the maturity of many underlying technologies will promote the upgrading of the Olympic development path, forming two main development lines of green Olympics and high participation in the Olympic Games.New energy technologies are mature and zero-carbon emissions and carbon recycling will be implemented in all aspects of the Olympic Games.Mature technologies such as big data and 5G will enhance users’ sense of immersion and experience, meet users’ demand for competitive entertainment, and significantly improve their participation in the event.Proofreading by Li Haihui source: Purple Cow News